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About Us

Our Model

NetHope’s unique model uses the power of public-private partnerships and collective resources to deliver the best ICT solutions to the developing world. Supporters graciously give in-kind and cash donations, which aid our five strategic programs that serve our member organizations.  In addition to the contributions made by corporations and foundations, member organizations add their expertise, knowledge and other in-kind assets to the NetHope collective.

The NetHope funding model works because members and supporters each contribute in meaningful ways — beyond just dollars — with a common goal to collaborate. The aggregate result means that the developing world’s challenges can be met with better, more efficient ICT solutions.   

NetHope only pursues projects that have vast interest across our membership. Not all of our member will engage in a given program, but all of them benefit from the outcome of the collaboration and lessons learned. NetHope supporters can feel comfortable that their cash or in-kind donation will have a much bigger impact than any stand-alone donation ever could.