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ICT Solutions Transforming Global Development

by: Jack Levy on Apr 9, 2014

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions have experienced incredible momentum since the initial Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) conference several years ago. It has transformed from a concept into real solutions being implemented by organizations across the development space.

Reflections on My First 30 Days

by: Lauren Woodman on Feb 12, 2014

Much more quickly than I anticipated, my first month with NetHope has come to a close.  It has been an amazing month, filled with meetings with members, donors and partners.  Learning about the work that our members are doing – and how NetHope is supporting their missions – has been both humbling and inspiring.

Through these meetings, a number of common themes have emerged.  I spent a few minutes discussing these on the February member call, but wanted to provide a little more context around what I’ve heard.  No doubt, these themes, along with the priorities that the Board has established for me, will shape my work in the coming months.  And, no doubt, these themes will continue to develop as I continue to meet with members and our stakeholders in the coming month.  But here’s a recap of what I’ve heard to date:

Partnership with British Telecom off to a strong start

by: Kristen Putch on Feb 4, 2014

NetHope prides itself on the strength of collaborations among our partners, both old and new.

Over the past 13 years, NetHope has built strong partnerships with public and private companies that have proven to be reliable and generous when disaster strikes. Whether it be support in the form of funds, in-kind donations or expertise, our partners have been wildly supportive in one – or many – of those ways.

Crucial Equipment Provided to NGOs in the Philippines

by: Kristen Putch on Jan 7, 2014

When disaster strikes, food, clean water and shelter for those affected are always hailed as top priority. While there is no argument that those basic life-sustaining necessities need to be quickly met, technologies can be overlooked as highest-ranking essentials, even though it often helps victims find aid, shelter or relatives in an emergency; restored communication is paramount to emergency response.

No matter what kind of relief our member organizations are bringing to a disaster area - water, food, shelter, medicine – they require access to reliable information about the situation in the affected areas to make decisions about how much aid is needed and where it needs to be distributed.  This requires access to important data.  In order to share and receive that information, we need to have a way to communication with each other and with affected population.

Trust and Technology for Collaborative Partnership Success

by: William A. Brindley on Dec 23, 2013

Over the past 13 years, one of the most crucial parts of NetHope’s efforts during emergency situations is our supporters’ readiness to step up to the plate when we need them the most. We have built strong relationships with a number of large companies, nonprofits, foundations and government agencies that we can count on when crisis strikes.

One of strongest supporters over the last three years has been The Patterson Foundation (TPF), created by an entrepreneurial family who works to improve communications and technology for the purpose of connecting us to one another. They believe that by supporting the use of technology in development and relief, we can make a bigger difference. And for over a century, TPF has provided the resources for organizations like NetHope to do just that.

Civil drone helps NetHope Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines

by: Paige Dearing on Dec 17, 2013

In Tacloban, everything was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan: raised houses, destroyed bridges, blocked roads, disrupted communications; and tens of thousands of people were affected, and needed help.

The international rescue teams who arrived on the archipelago soon after the disaster struck were met with major logistical challenges, as they tried to access areas that had been isolated by the devastation. NGOs needed help that could fly.

The “How” and “Who” of Emerging Market Tech Uptake

by: William A. Brindley & Jessica Long on Dec 16, 2013

To a great extent, technology drives economic development. Few would dispute that statement, but it’s hard to predict—or sometimes even imagine—the magnitude of that impact. Traveling back just five years, for example, it would be difficult to foresee how a newly launched micro-blogging platform called Twitter would transform the knowledge economy and political process—and not just in rich countries, but all across the globe. Yet the ability to accurately predict how to successfully implement—and adopt—an emergent technology for development would allow developing countries to leapfrog otherwise coequal competition on some social and economic metrics, especially in health care, literacy, and education.

The Importance of Getting Feedback

by: Lisa Obradovich, Global Programs Manager – NetHope Academy on Dec 5, 2013

This is an exciting time for the NetHope Academy Intern Program! In the last two months, we have seen several new classes begin their internships in Kenya and South Africa. Just last week, our 4th class of Haiti interns began their boot camp along with another group of interns in Rwanda. With all of these new opportunities beginning, and with 90%+ of our graduates now working in full time jobs, we wanted to share some tips on how to get feedback.

An Open Letter to NetHope Supporters

by: Bill Brindley & Frank Schott on Nov 15, 2013

As you know, earlier this week, NetHope launched an official emergency funding appeal to support the communications and emergency response needs of the growing 22 NetHope member NGO’s responding to the Typhoon Haiyan disaster.  We are grateful for the support we have received to date

Leveraging the Power of Collective Civil Society Organization Action to Move From Cash to Digital

by: Edward G. Happ, Global CIO, International Red Cross on Nov 12, 2013

My colleagues will tell you I’m a firm believer in the power of collective action—a belief that led me to co-found NetHope over a decade ago with Dipak Basu, now Chairman and CEO of Anudip. While much in life is temporary, I was grateful to see that we had stumbled on a lasting principle of collaboration among NGOs, which was on vibrant display at NetHope’s annual Global Member Summit last month. This same belief in collaboration and being “better together” are foundational principles of the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC). Similar to NetHope, ICSC is the global action platform for international civil society organizations (ICSOs) to exchange information, learn from each other and initiate collective action. I plan to join the CEOs of ICSOs (which includes the world’s largest international NGOs) in Johannesburg this month to explore potential areas for collaboration at their Global Perspectives Conference on navigating disruptive change.

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