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World Vision Sierra Leone Honors NetHope

by: Paige Dearing on Apr 16, 2015

Last week, Leslie A. Scott, National Director of World Vision Sierra Leone, honored NetHope for our financial, moral and technical support in their Ebola relief efforts. Take a look at the beautiful gift they gave to us! We thank them for their efforts in the Ebola response.

Television White Spaces Pilot Supports Maternal Health Efforts in Rural Botswana

by: Monica Jerbi on Apr 7, 2015

Hospitals and clinics in outlying areas of Botswana to access specialized maternal health care services remotely, thanks to a new pilot project unveiled in March 2015.

Catalyzing support for communications recovery in Vanuatu

by: Michael Corley, The Patterson Foundation on Mar 25, 2015

Vanuatu. Three weeks ago, most of us had never heard of this island nation in the South Pacific Ocean and most of us couldn’t pronounce it (vah-noo-ah-too) correctly. However, this was not important to The Patterson Foundation (TPF) when we received an email from our international partner, NetHope, which was quickly mobilizing in response to its NGO partners’ requests to restore information and communication technology (“ICT”) on the islands after they were devastated by Cyclone Pam.

How Jordan’s New OurCity Facebook Game Empowers Youth to Become Engaged Citizens

by: Monica Jerbi on Feb 17, 2015

Can serious online games empower youth to develop the civic knowledge, awareness, and motivation they need to become engaged citizens who work together to improve their communities? The beta release of OurCity—a new free Facebook city-building and civic education game—is being piloted in Jordan for the next few months to find out.

NetHope CEO Speaks On How Partnerships Can Empower Health Workers

by: Paige Dearing on Jan 28, 2015

In a great piece by Erin McGuire of Devex on “6 hurdles in health worker training and ways to overcome them,” NetHope CEO Lauren Woodman was among the handful of experts interviewed for their insights on how innovation can be leveraged to train, support and empower health workers.

Catalytic Donors: Laying the Groundwork in the Ebola Fight

by: Frank Schott on Jan 21, 2015

Today at the World Economic Forum in Davos NetHope announced a partnership that will further expand our communications capacity building support for NetHope member NGOs and other response organizations in West Africa. The Ebola Response Connectivity Initiative (ECRI) will provide sustainable Internet connectivity solutions to support frontline response efforts and long-term recovery in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Looking Back at NetHope’s Impact and Collaboration in 2014

by: Lauren Woodman on Dec 11, 2014

The successes NetHope has achieved in 2014 confirm our shared commitment to the idea that collaboration between leading NGOs and the technology sector to improve our world through collective impact yields results. Whether it’s training young adults in IT skills or responding to the Ebola outbreak or sharing best practices to improve ICT usage, Nethope and its members remain convinced that together we are stronger, more impactful, and more capable of achieving our respective missions.

The Vital Role of Telecommunications in an Emergency

by: Gisli Olafsson on Dec 3, 2014

Communications capacity and tools are the lifeline of any major emergency response effort such as the fight to combat the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa.  And quality information, made accessible to key decision makers, is paramount in enabling responders to make timely, informed decisions that save lives and ease human suffering.

Commitment Large and Small to the Ebola Fight

by: Lauren Woodman on Nov 21, 2014

Last weekend I had the chance to spend a few hours with scores of other volunteers who braved the cold to spend their Saturday loading software onto thousands of smartphones at Seattle’s Living Computer Museum.

The smartphones are headed to West Africa to support the Ebola response efforts of government agencies, UN organizations, international NGOs and local communities. They will help frontline Ebola response workers to more effectively gather and share data, helping them respond to the needs of victims and communities more effectively and coordinate efforts across the multitude of local and international organizations responding to the crisis.

Reflections from the 2014 NetHope Member Global Summit

by: Lauren Woodman on Nov 18, 2014

Last month’s NetHope Member Global Summit was fantastic! Many, many thanks to all of our sponsors for their support, and a special thank you to Cisco for being such a generous and accommodating host.

The Summit was a great event for NetHope – the largest yet in terms of attendance and sponsors – and we are deeply grateful for the ideas, energy, and spirit of collaboration that attendees brought to make the week a memorable one.

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