Remembering Manu Bhardwaj

Last week, our hearts were broken by the news of the passing of Manu Bhardwaj.  A respected colleague, dedicated public servant, and passionate humanitarian, Manu has been a good friend to NetHope for many years.We first got to know Manu through his work with the World Economic Forum while he served with the State Department … Continued

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Faith into Action in the Digital Age

This is the second post in a series focusing on the first networking group of NetHope members participating in IDEA (Ideate, Deliver, Execute, & Assess), a broad umbrella for digital transformation processes offered to NetHope members through The Center for the Digital Nonprofit. The first IDEA implementation pilot is based on Dream, Design, Deliver, a … Continued

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NetHope and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Join Together for New Health Project

NetHope is pleased to join Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communications Programs (CCP) in a new five-year USAID project called the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). The project aims to build the capacity of local organizations to evaluate, design and implement communication ideas that will improve health behaviors in their own communities.

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The Need for Increased Collaboration

The world we live in is certainly not a perfect place. There are a number of things that need to be done to improve it. Sometimes governments set out on improving it, sometimes non-profit organizations set out on improving it and sometimes concerned citizens set out on improving it. Each of these stakeholders has their own vision of the problem at hand and ideas about how to solve them. That vision is very much dependent upon their own vision of life and what they feel confident in doing.
Lets take an example to clarify things. For anyone who has visited the slums of Africa, you are touched by the hard life of people living in dire poverty, lack access to clean water, education, shelter and livelihood. Yet you also see a magnitude of organizations trying to help. Even the government has their own programs trying to address some parts of the problem. You will see an organization focusing on educating the children. You will see another organization focusing on providing healthcare services. You will see yet another organization focusing on creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. Each one of those organizations provides a small piece in a big puzzle, which is to improve the life of slum dwellers.

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Open Humanitarian Initiative: Improving Disaster Response

Last year was the costliest year in natural disasters that the world has ever seen. According to a report issued by global reinsurance firm Munich Re, world disasters in 2011 caused damages exceeding more than a third of a trillion dollars. And, experts at The World Bank predict that natural disasters will only get worse in the future, largely due to two powerful trends: burgeoning cities and a changing climate.

As the world prepares to cope with the high costs and other devastating effects of future earthquakes, tsunamis and more, it must find a better way to manage the chaotic environment that follows these disasters.

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The Power of Partnership

As NetHope continues to grow, I commend the organization for the incredible impact it has made in humanitarian relief and development. Through its vision, strong leadership and unwavering commitment to developing strong partnerships, NetHope has inspired a whole new approach — to effect change through the impact of technology.

As part of our global commitment to corporate citizenship, Microsoft has been a long-time contributor to NGOs throughout the world. We strive to improve humanitarian and international development efforts through technology, the volunteer efforts of our employees and financial donations.

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