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Tech Firms Extend Internet Access To Help Ebola Treatment in Africa

  This map shows plans to extend Internet access to Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone. Inveneo, a San Francisco non-profit, this week began a three-month effort to bring Internet access to 100 locations in West Africa to fight the spread of Ebola. To determine how to deploy its equipment, Inveneo turned to an unlikely group: Facebook FB +1.18%’s data-science team. Facebook’s scientists analyzed cellular coverage and usage maps in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia to find the fastest and cheapest way to extend Internet connections so that aid workers can more quickly send data...


06/02/2015 | Games for giving: all to play for

05/11/2015 | Internet As A Lifeline

04/27/2015 | After Nepal quake, Harvard responds

04/14/2015 | Intelsat, BT and ITC Global Donate Emergency Satellite Solutions for Vanuatu

03/23/2015 | Social Media Gives Early Insight into Cyclone Impacts

03/12/2015 | Microsoft, Botswana partner on TV white spaces

02/20/2015 | Ebola Lessons Learned: Context, Coordination Are Key to Addressing Crises

01/26/2015 | NetHope Official: Satellite Response to Ebola is on ‘a Scale Never Seen Before’

01/23/2015 | Why High-speed Internet is a Weapon Against Ebola

01/22/2015 | A Call For NGOs to Embrace Innovation in 2015

01/21/2015 | Tech Firms Extend Internet Access To Help Ebola Treatment in Africa

01/14/2015 | Beyonic Expert Talks: Why Do Innovative Payment Systems Matter? Interview with Hamilton McNutt

12/12/2014 | How to comply with USAID’s new procurement rules requiring e-payments

12/01/2014 | Five Digital Payment Innovations with the Potential to Transform Development

11/24/2014 | High-tech Effort Calls up Smartphones for Ebola Battle

11/18/2014 | Paul Allen Commit to Enhancing Communication Capabilties in West Africa To Help Fight Ebola

11/18/2014 | High-Tech Effort Calls up Smartphones for Ebola Battle

11/10/2014 | Doubling Down on Ebola Donations

11/13/2014 | Humanitarian Organizations Collaborate to Impact the World

11/06/2014 | Humanitarian Organizations Address Tech’s Role in Solving Global Challenges

11/06/2014 | Facebook Taking Three-pronged Approach to Fighting Ebola in West Africa

11/06/2014 | Facebook Launches Ebola Fundraising Campaign

11/06/2014 | Coming Together to Fight Ebola

10/24/2014 | The Best Lifesaving Device You Already Own

09/23/2014 | When Disaster Strikes, This May Be the Most Crucial Aid of All

10/22/2014 | Ebola Fighters Enlist Texts in Bid to Curb Outbreak

09/09/2014 | Changing Perceptions And Realities For NGOs in Africa

08/08/2014 | RFP Announcement: Development of Sustainable Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Ecosystem in Indonesia

07/16/2014 | How The Internet Of Everything Is Helping Humankind

07/02/2014 | Hundreds of Interns Made Employable

06/26/2014 | Why Tech Innovation Should Matter To NGOs

05/22/2014 | Emerging Markets Communications to Support NetHope

05/21/2014 | Hand in Hand: Indonesia’s Cooperatives & Mobile Financial Services

05/07/2014 | RFP Announcement: Visa Innovation Grants 2014 Opens

01/31/2014 | How Is Technology Driving Job Creation In Poor Countries?

01/29/2014 | The Case for Branchless Banking in Thousand Islands, Indonesia

01/21/2014 | Why We Should Turn To Technology When Disaster Strikes

01/08/2014 | NGO gets USAID, NetHope grant to evaluate mobile-banking platform

12/12/2013 | ASKI receives USAID, NetHope grant to evaluate mobile banking platform

12/16/2013 | In the Philippines, drones provide humanitarian relief

| Four Groups Receive Charitable Donations from CompTIA Vendor Advisory Council

12/12/2013 | Solicitation for Procurement of Consultancy Services for M&E and Partnerships Building

12/09/2013 | 2500+ humanitarians use ETC Wi-Fi services in Philippines

11/28/2013 | Two humanitarian hubs in two days provided with vital internet connectivity

11/20/2013 | Twitter Soliciting Donations For Typhoon Haiyan Victims On Behalf Of NetHope

11/21/2013 | Supporting NetHope in Typhoon Haiyan Response

11/18/2013 | Tech Giants Help in Wake of Typhoon Destruction in the Philippines

11/20/2013 | 6 Projects That Make Data More Accessible Win $100,000 Each From Gates

11/20/2013 | Twitter Soliciting Donations For Typhoon Haiyan Victims On Behalf Of NetHope

11/18/2013 | A case for recovery and rebuilding the Philippines

09/18/2013 | Preparing South Africa’s next generation of IT leaders: Microsoft partners with NetHope Academy

07/29/2013 | Solicitation for Procurement of Solar-Generated Electricity Equipment

05/17/2013 | Graduates celebrate information technology certificates

05/08/2013 | Kenya: Nethope Academy Helps CIOs Find ‘Raw-Talent’

04/24/2013 | An Open Invitation: NetHope and the Open Humanitarian Initiative

04/09/2013 | Why Personal Interaction Drives Innovation and Collaboration

03/04/2013 | Believing in the Answer

03/01/2013 | Notes From The Field: Typhoon Bopha

02/26/2013 | Notes From The Field: The Open Humanitarian Initiative

12/14/2012 | The Humanitarian Technologist’s Dilemma

12/10/2012 | Kenya: Techno Brain Offers IT Placement for Graduates

11/26/2012 | A Better Way to Deliver Aid

10/22/2012 | From Seattle to Senegal—Increasing the Number of Women IT Professionals

10/22/2012 | Women And STEM Careers: How Microsoft Is Building A Bridge To Future Innovation - One Girl At A Time

| NetHope Summit: Jumpstarting Next Gen Women in Technology

09/12/2012 | Pulse on Citizenship: Addressing the Changing Nonprofit IT Landscape at 2012 NetHope Summit

09/05/2012 | Trust and Technology

09/03/2012 | 82 finalists off to second round in technology ideas competition

09/03/2012 | Enablis East Africa and NetHope shortlists 82 budding techpreneurs

08/30/2012 | Why We Are A Catalyst Funder of NetHope’s Open Humanitarian Initiative

08/14/2012 | Filling Africa’s technology skills gap

| End Game: Using mobile and online games to change behavior

07/09/2012 | Gaming with a Purpose

07/03/2012 | Games for Change Help Stimulate Serious Game Development

06/25/2012 | Saving the World One Controller at a Time

06/25/2012 | Project to support young IT gurus launched

06/21/2012 | Tech to address youth unemployment

06/20/2012 | High-Speed Network Helps Residents of World’s Largest Refugee Camp

06/13/2012 | NetHope academy equips IT graduates with workplace skills

06/06/2012 | Rwanda : NetHope Academy- Rwanda’s ICT hands-on training academy

05/15/2012 | Building ICT Capacity in Haiti

05/10/2012 | Developing IT Pros of the Future in Rwanda

04/27/2012 | Global Philanthropy and its New Focus on “Collective Impact”

04/22/2012 | Humanitarian Relief: NGOs and the U.S. Government

04/10/2012 | Rwanda: New ICT Academy Targets Software Development

04/04/2012 | What tech businesses need to survive in a time of flux

03/29/2012 | Building Bridges for Student Success

03/20/2012 | NetHope Academy Africa Launches

03/09/2012 | Education pays off for investors and students

03/01/2012 | Computer Science students lead the way to redevelopment in Haiti

02/22/2012 | Now is our time, this is our place to give back: Support NetHope!

02/10/2012 | Inveneo bringing broadband to developing countries

02/06/2012 | Diversity, Innovation and Sustainability at Rio+2.0

02/01/2012 | Microsoft Celebrates 20 Years of Certification

01/30/2012 | 20 Years 20 Ways: Helping to seed the careers of young IT pros and students around the world

01/26/2012 | A Banker’s Dream

01/28/2012 | Microsoft and NetHope help aspiring IT professionals learn technology

01/21/2012 | Interview with Kelvin Cantafio, NetHope

01/19/2012 | Three Tech Trends Shaping a Bright Global Future

12/29/2011 | Tom Arnold: Sowing seeds of hope as famine fight goes global

press releases

NetHope and Partners Publish Technology Guide For Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Leading technology companies and nonprofits join NetHope in publishing an innovative guide that equips organizations to use technology as they work to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a proposed set of targets and framework by the UN for public and private actors to address global challenges over the next 15 years. Washington, D.C., September 18, 2015 – Leading international nonprofit, NetHope, will be releasing the SDG ICT Playbook: From Innovation...


07/16/2015 | Nethope Appoints Its First CIO-in-Residence

01/21/2015 | Partnership Expands ICT Support for Ebola Fight in West Africa

12/15/2014 | Mercy Ships, Medical Teams International, and Management Sciences for Health Become NetHope Members

10/21/2014 | Record Number of Sponsors Sign Up To Participate in NetHope’s Member Global Summit

10/16/2014 | Infographic: Building Resilience for Disaster Reduction

09/22/2014 | NetHope Academy Completes 2011 CGI Initiative with over 1000 Youth Earning Full-Time IT Jobs

09/10/2014 | NetHope Receives Gift from The Patterson Foundation to Support Ebola Response Effort

08/05/2014 | Disaster Relief Summit to Address the World’s Increasing Need of More Efficient Disaster Response

07/10/2014 | Partnership Helps Match IT Professionals with Development Sector Jobs

06/10/2014 | NetHope Announces Toolkit to Guide Organizations on the Journey from Cash to e-Payments

05/30/2014 | New Leadership Appointed to NetHope Board

05/13/2014 | e-MITRA Signs MoU with Indosat

02/20/2014 | e-MITRA Announces Joey Mendoza as New COP

01/09/2014 | NetHope Names Lauren Woodman as New CEO

12/03/2013 | USAID & NetHope Announce 3 Grants for Electronic and Mobile Payment Implementation and Evaluation

11/20/2013 | Islamic Relief Worldwide and Women for Women International Join NetHope

11/20/2013 | NetHope Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant For Groundbreaking Work in Global Development

11/05/2013 | NetHope Smartphone App Project Launched at “Stop Trafficking! Together We Can Do More!” Conference

09/27/2013 | NetHope Global Member Summit Illustrates Strong Public Private Partnerships

09/17/2013 | NetHope Expands VSAT Certification Program to West Africa

08/16/2013 | Frank Schott Appointed to NetHope Interim President/Executive Director Role

07/17/2013 | Visa and NetHope Announce Five Grants Supporting Innovations in Health, Farming & Emergency Relief

07/16/2013 | NetHope Joins National Information Sharing Consortium, Enhances Emergency Response Collaboration

06/24/2013 | New Grants Inspire Transition From Cash To E-Payments

05/19/2013 | USAID Sponsored Market Research Finds Cocoa Farmers Will Use Mobile Money

01/11/2013 | Direct Relief Joins NetHope as its 38th Member

11/26/2012 | Visa and NetHope Partner to Help Modernize Delivery of Humanitarian Aid

10/04/2012 | NetHope’s Women’s TechConnect Jumpstarts Next Generation of Women in Tech in the Developing World

09/21/2012 | First NetHope Academy Class Graduates in Kenya

06/14/2012 | NetHope Launches Technology Internship Program in Kenya

05/07/2012 | NetHope, Inveneo, Cisco Connect Dadaab Agencies With High-Speed Network For Collaboration

05/01/2012 | Jill Stasz Harris joins NetHope as First Managing Director, Administration

10/14/2011 | Conservation International Joins NetHope

06/23/2011 | Grameen Foundation Joins Growing NetHope Team as the 33rd Member Organization

06/17/2011 | Advanced Practical VSAT Training Launched in Nairobi

06/15/2011 | NetHope, USAID and DNA Foundation Launch Mobile Trafficking App Contest in Russia and the Region

05/11/2011 | NetHope Welcomes Compassion International as its 32nd Member

03/18/2011 | NetHope Academy’s Inaugural Class Graduates in Haiti

03/18/2011 | NetHope Academy’s Inaugural Class Graduates in Haiti

11/19/2010 | Microsoft Alumni Foundation announces 2010 Integral Fellows Award Winners

11/18/2010 | Microsoft Alumni Foundation announces 2010 Integral Fellows Award Winners

11/17/2010 | NetHope and ADP Receive Grant to Launch the Weather Information For All (WIFA) Initiative

11/16/2010 | NetHope and ADP Receive Grant to Launch the Weather Information For All (WIFA) Initiative

11/11/2010 | Esri Supports NetHope’s Mission to Serve Humanitarian Organizations

11/09/2010 | Esri Supports NetHope’s Mission to Serve Humanitarian Organizations

11/04/2010 | Extending the Reach of Innovation

11/03/2010 | NetHope Secures Technology and Innovation Grant from The Rockefeller Foundation

10/30/2010 | Voilá Foundation Funds Haitian IT Students for NetHope Academy    

10/29/2010 | Thinking Big: Technology Solutions for Social Impact Conference at Santa Clara University

10/04/2010 | NetHope Welcomes AED as the Newest Member of their Information Technology Collaboration

09/13/2010 | NetHope Launches Internship Program in Port-au-Prince for Haitian IT Students

07/17/2010 | The Corporate Response to Haiti

06/21/2010 | NetHope Welcomes Pact as its 31st Member

06/02/2010 | Habitat for Humanity Inaugurated as 30th Member of NetHope NGO Community

05/25/2010 | ChildFund International and NetHope Bring Technology Solutions to Youth in Brazil

05/13/2010 | NetHope Welcomes SOS Children’s Villages International as their Newest Member

04/30/2010 | Fourth Advanced Practical VSAT Training Launched in Nairobi

04/16/2010 | Ed Granger-Happ Honored with NTEN Lifetime Achievement Award

03/17/2010 | NetHope Receives Productivity Software Donation from Adobe

03/15/2010 | NGOs and Others to Discuss Kenya as an Emerging Outsourcing Destination This Week

03/15/2010 | Leading International NGOs Gather to Discuss Digital Inclusion in Kenya

01/15/2010 | SPECIAL APPEAL: Please Help NetHope Deliver Connectivity to Relief Agencies in Haiti

12/02/2009 | Global VSAT Forum sponsored NetHope Advanced VSAT Training in Nairobi

11/02/2009 | NetHope’s Impact Goes Farther with the Addition of ACCION

08/05/2009 | NetHope Welcomes FINCA International as the Newest Member of their Information Technology Collaborat

04/17/2009 | NetHope Increases its Impact by Welcoming the Canadian Red Cross as its Newest Member

01/23/2009 | CHF International Joins NetHope Information Technology Collaboration

12/22/2008 | NetHope Receives Grant from Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

11/13/2008 | Picnik Donates Picnik Premium Memberships to 25 International Conservation and Humanitarian Organiza

10/24/2008 | NetHope Expands Membership, Attracts New Foundation & Continued Private Sector Support

07/30/2008 | PATH joins NetHope information technology consortium

07/23/2008 | Christian Aid joins NetHope

05/07/2008 | NetHope Summit Brings Together IT Leaders from 22 International NGOs

03/17/2008 | VSO Joins NetHope

02/18/2008 | WaterAid Joins NetHope

02/15/2008 | Save the Children CIO in residence at Tuck

10/23/2007 | NetHope Welcomes New Members at Dell-Sponsored Summit in the City of Knowledge and Reinforces Panama

07/06/2007 | Global Information Technology Alliance to enhance humanitarian operations in East Africa

07/06/2007 | Microsoft, NetHope Kick Off Pilot Program in Nairobi for IT Skills Training (Microsoft PressPass)

10/30/2006 | Nethope Selected as Grand Prize Winner of Cisco’s Growing with Technology Awards 2006

06/11/2006 | NetHope Appoints First Chief Executive Officer

02/22/2006 | Microsoft Earmarks $41 Million in Software, Cash for Disaster Relief

11/16/2004 | NetHope Honored as a 2004 Tech Museum Awards Laureate

| NetHope Welcomes International Medical Corps As Its 39th Member Organization

| AmeriCares and Trócaire join NetHope

| First NetHope Academy Class Graduates in Rwanda

| Microsoft Alumni Foundation Announces 2012 Integral Fellows Award Nominees

| NetHope Welcomes WWF International as its 35th Member

case studies & whitepapers

blog entries

Everything You Need to Know About the SDG ICT Playbook: From Innovation to Impact

Everything You Need to Know About the SDG ICT Playbook: From Innovation to Impact

In 2000, the United Nations (UN) developed a series of declarations entitled the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). At the time, all 189 UN member states and a number of international organizations committed to working to achieve these goals, which included everything from eradicating extreme poverty and hunger to promoting gender equality. The goals were set to be achieved by the end of 2015. Today, as governments and organizations collectively reach the final months of the MDGs, it&rsquo...


Making Net Connections: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015

RFA for Zimbabwe GBi Payment Innovations Small Grants

Technology Integration Takes Root at 7th Annual ICT4D Conference

Trust and flexible response aids NetHope Nepal effort

How Technical Communities Are Helping Engineer Better Responses to Global Crises

World Vision Sierra Leone Honors NetHope

Television White Spaces Pilot Supports Maternal Health Efforts in Rural Botswana

Catalyzing support for communications recovery in Vanuatu

How Jordan’s New OurCity Facebook Game Empowers Youth to Become Engaged Citizens

NetHope CEO Speaks On How Partnerships Can Empower Health Workers

Catalytic Donors: Laying the Groundwork in the Ebola Fight

Looking Back at NetHope’s Impact and Collaboration in 2014

The Vital Role of Telecommunications in an Emergency

Commitment Large and Small to the Ebola Fight

Reflections from the 2014 NetHope Member Global Summit

Haiti NetHope Academy Program – 4 Years Later

Coordinating Data Share For Ebola Outbreak In West Africa

White House Event Kicks Off New Alliance to Close Kenya and Nigeria’s Internet Gender Gap

NetHope Partner BT Recognized for Typhoon Haiyan Response

Member Spotlight: Samaritan’s Purse

Member Spotlight: Ipas

Helping Albanians Report Trafficking and Save Lives

ICT Reshaping Development Landscape with Emphasis on Innovation and Collaboration

Repositioning ICT4D as a Front Office Solution

ICT Solutions Transforming Global Development

Reflections on My First 30 Days

Partnership with British Telecom off to a strong start

Crucial Equipment Provided to NGOs in the Philippines

Trust and Technology for Collaborative Partnership Success

Civil drone helps NetHope Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines

The “How” and “Who” of Emerging Market Tech Uptake

The Importance of Getting Feedback

An Open Letter to NetHope Supporters

Leveraging the Power of Collective Civil Society Organization Action to Move From Cash to Digital

URGENT FUNDING APPEAL: Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

Technology for Change: A Collaborative Effort

Cisco Systems Awarded 2013 NetHope Global Citizenship Award

Microsoft Corporation Awarded 2013 NetHope Global Citizenship Award

Careers in IT: The importance of being a life-long learner

The One-Touch Tool For Emergency Communication

A Case for the Cloud in the Developing World

3 Ways To Prepare Your Family For Emergencies

DadaabNet: Delivering Sustainable Internet to the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

13 Tips for Career Success

Extending Internet to Rural Areas via Google X’s Project Loon

Cashing In on Mobile Money: the Cocoa Farmer Supply Chain in Indonesia

Coming Together For CSR at Business4Better Conference in Anaheim, Calif. Tomorrow

GSMA mWomen Innovation Fund Launches Round Of NGO Grants

Announcing an alliance to promote open humanitarian data

We Invite You To A Webinar On: e-Payments and Mobile Money Webinar (Q&A session)

Empowered to make healthy choices

GSMA launches next round of mWomen Innovation Fund operator grants

In Emergencies, Locate Your Family And Help Others With Microsoft’s HelpBridge App

The Global Movement of Electronic Payments

Frame Our Future: Three Trends to Shape Nonprofits of 2043

NetHope and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Join Together for New Health Project

The Humanitarian Technologist’s Dilemma

Resilient Dynamism - World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2013

We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Celebrate Human Rights Day 2012

NetHope Monitoring Typhoon Bopha - Philippines

Help fund the NetHope Academy in Haiti

What One Woman Can Do

The Sandy Legacy

Tech’s Shifting Role in Conservation, Aid and Development: A Summit Reflection

NetHope Academy Celebrates New Internship Programs in Africa

Day 3: Breakouts & Two New Members

Day 2: Site visit & Special Summit Dinner

Day 1: The Start of the 2012 NetHope Global Member Summit

Pre-Summit Monday: Working Groups, Solutions and Receptions

Gearing up for this year’s NetHope Global Member Summit

Propelling the Next Generation of Female Technology Leaders

The Need for Increased Collaboration

Connecting Grassroots to Government through Open Innovation webinar

NetHope’s Gisli Olafsson Honored by Microsoft Alumni Foundation

NetHope Disaster Alert: Monitoring Philippines

Talk to a Serious Games Developer webinar

Try NVivo 10 for Free!

Meet NetHope Academy Interns: Rwanda 2012

Thomas Rubatscher, of SOS Children’s Villages and the NetHope Board, Carries the Olympic Torch

Meet NetHope Academy Interns: Kenya 2012

A Technical Approach to Storytelling

Qualitative analysis tool NVivo demo webinar

Pedagogy, Content and Technology: the IFRC case webinar

Tea and Tech at the Embassy of Afghanistan with Minister Sangin

New Technologies in Cash Transfer Programming and Humanitarian Assistance Webinar

The Next Leapfrog for Development: Leveraging Cloud Computing

NetHope Academy Haiti Graduates 29 Talented IT Professionals

NetHope Mother’s Day Gift Guide

New High-Speed Network Connects Dadaab Aid Agencies For Collaboration

‘Our City’ game teaches Jordanian youth civic skills

The Evolution of Remittances

Open Humanitarian Initiative: Improving Disaster Response

Collaborative Impact for New Philanthropy’s Demands

NetHope Monitoring Indonesia Earthquake

The Social Life of NetHope

Sense and Sensibility: Technical Solutions and Humanitarian Practitioners

Where Are They now?: Gael A. Chrispin Beauboeuf, from Haiti class Spring 2012

Where Are They Now?: Emmanuella Stimphat

Where Are They Now?: Paul Junior Jean-Marie




DadaabNet: Improving Connectivity in World’s Largest Refugee Camp