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Connectivity was NetHope’s first strategic focus in ‘wiring the global village’ in 2001, and over ten years later it continues to be a hallmark initiative in helping those in the developing world. This strategic program initially deployed very small aperture terminal (VSAT) systems to improve communications between organizations and their field offices in remote parts of the world, where infrastructure is limited or absent. Today, NetHope continues to install low-cost solutions in isolated areas by leveraging VSAT, long distance WiFi, fiber optic infrastructure, existing WiMAX systems and mobile networks — like 3G — to improve overall capacity and reduce costs for operations in isolated and rural areas.

When it comes to delivering connectivity to underserved areas of the developing world, it is all about establishing affordable high-throughput reliable “last mile” networks. NetHope knows the importance of identifying the right technologies and partners to meet connectivity needs in remote rural areas. NetHope provides choice to it's NGO member organizations and has preferred partnership arrangements with Cisco Systems, Global VSAT Forum, Astrium, Emerging Markets Communications, iDirect, Intelsat, Inveneo, ITC Global, SkyVision and others. NetHope works with the African eDevelopment Resource Centre in Nairobi, Kenya to provide networking professional workshops and trainings for the NGO member community. In 2013, NetHope partnered with technology organizations in West Africa to offer the same.

Through improved systems and trained field staff, NetHope aims to improve public-private collaboration as well as provide the groundwork to support innovative ICT and Cloud solutions in the field.

Program in Action

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