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Field Capacity Building

IT and communication tools can be delivered to humanitarian field programs, but it takes skills to use them to their full potential. NetHope’s work in field capacity building targets skills development in program workers as well as IT professionals and unemployed youth in the developing world.

The Field Capacity Building initiative began as a collaboration with ECB in 2006 to train individuals on telecommunications/satellite technology and IT project management. Since, the NetHope Academy has grown to be the initiative’s largest project — set to train 1,000 computer science students in Africa and Latin America in just three years.

Prospective interns apply and undergo an interview process with hopes of being selected to participate in the six-month program. Each elected student will receive classroom instruction as well as a hands-on IT internship with humanitarian organization. The goal is to prepare students for full-time employment upon graduation as well as address local demand for skilled IT professionals.

The Field Capacity Building initiative also focuses on furthering the development of its member organizations by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and innovations. The NetHope Chapter program aids collaboration between humanitarian organizations through meetings at a regional level, allowing even those NGOs that normally do not qualify for NetHope member to also participate. Currently, chapters have been established in Sri Lanka, Europe, East Africa, India, West Africa, Pakistan and Haiti. Representatives from NetHope member organizations come together for the NetHope Global Member Summits every year to build relationships, further collaboration and keep abreast of critical ICT trends and technologies.

Program in Action

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