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Global Broadband and Innovations

The Global Broadband and Innovations (GBI) Alliance is a partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and NetHope. GBI finds ways to expand access to mobile networks and broadband (high-speed Internet and data transmission) and improve the lives of ordinary people around the world. When communities get mobile and broadband:

  • Entrepreneurship and business transform, increasing prosperity
  • All levels of government become more responsive to citizens and improve a range of essential services from education to healthcare
  • The poor receive services, resources, and market information, empowering them immediately to increase their incomes and quality of life

To accelerate this change, GBI extends the reach of mobile and broadband networks into rural areas. GBI is also tasked with leveraging these networks’ growth to develop technological solutions to challenges across USAID’s development portfolio. All of these innovations are designed to be scaled up or replicated in other venues. Examples of GBI’s innovations include:

GBI also funds the NetHope Solutions Center and a Payment Innovations Program. The NetHope Solutions Center connects NetHope members and other international development organizations with technological solutions to common operational and field challenges. The Payment Innovations Program focuses on technological innovations in the payment sector. These include ways to use mobile phones to make payments or use a computer or mobile phone to sell goods or services and then transmit the sales data to customer accounts.

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