Barry holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Barry served as a junior officer in the Navy Security Group, stationed in Puerto Rico, and his civilian job was at Midwest Research Institute, in Kansas City, where he got into IT work. 

Barry earned his MBA from the University of Central Missouri (UCM) in 1981 and moved into IT management. Over the next 26 years, he held a number of mid-to-upper-management positions, and oversaw many enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects, in each case replacing in-house homegrown systems with purchased ones. His final ERP implementation, at Children International, was a seven-year project that replaced virtually all in-house systems, involved an implementation team of 40-plus people, and cost in excess of $10 million. 

In 2001, Barry led Children International to become one of six founding nonprofits of NetHope. As Assistant Board Chairman and head of the Personnel Committee, Barry helped NetHope hire its first CEO.

After leaving Children International in 2007, Barry joined NetHope as an independent contractor, serving as head of the Shared Services initiative and assisting with other projects, including member retention and new member acquisition. 

In recent years, Barry has “slowed down” his work life to spend more time with his eight grandkids, and to continue his hobby of singing four-part harmony in two quartets and two choruses in the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). He also enjoys golfing, and doing volunteer work for his church’s Impact Outreach program. Barry and his wife both volunteer at the iconic Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City, new home to the Kansas City symphony, ballet, and opera theater, along with Broadway shows and many other concerts. Life is good!