Celebrating 20 years of collective action

NetHope At 20

The evolution of the NetHope Effect and its collective impact

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Rewiring education for youth on-the-move by rewiring how we collaborate

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NetHope announces Strategic Alignment Initiative for the 2030 SDGs, publishes meta-analysis of 50+ nonprofit’s strategies

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Discovering benchmarks and enabling funding for the journey to NGO cybersecurity

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The evolution of the NetHope Effect and its collective impact

Leveraging the full potential within collaborative networks to foster sector-wide transformation. By Jean-Louis Ecochard, The Center for the Digital Nonprofit.

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Connectivity & Infrastructure:
Notes from NetHope’s Global Summit

NetHope's annual Summit is always a great opportunity to get new ideas and inspiration for ways to improve the value that NetHope Members can get out of their technology use. - By Duncan Drury, Lead of NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group.

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What We Do

NetHope joins the world's largest nonprofits with technology innovators worldwide. We act as a catalyst for productive collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

Why Tech Matters


Technology Drives Change

We choose to embrace technology in every area of humanitarian and conservation work because we believe it is always useful and relevant.

Technology Levels the Playing Field

Providing relevant technologies, coupled with affordable access, bridges the gap, and empowers previously underserved communities.

Technology Fosters Economic and Social Improvement

When we invest in technology, we have the opportunity to magnify positive change in other areas.

Our Approach

We enable cross-sector collaboration between nonprofits and innovative companies to develop better programs, mitigate risks, and scale benefits for greater impact in the communities in which we work.