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NetHope Global Summit 2018: DNS White Paper released

NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit has released The Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment white paper, revealing opportunities and challenges for the NGO sector as it navigates and endeavors to innovate in a rapidly changing digital environment.
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What We Do

NetHope joins the world’s largest nonprofits with technology innovators worldwide. We act as a catalyst for productive collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

Why Tech Matters

Technology Drives Change

Technology Drives Change

We choose to embrace technology in every area of humanitarian and conservation work because we believe it is always useful and relevant.

Technology Levels the Playing Field

Technology Levels the Playing Field

Providing relevant technologies, coupled with affordable access, bridges the gap and empowers previously underserved communities.

Technology Fosters Economic and Social Improvement

Technology Fosters Economic and Social Improvement

When we invest in technology, we have the opportunity to magnify positive change in other areas.

Our Approach

We enable cross-sector collaboration between nonprofits and innovative companies to develop better programs, mitigate risks, and scale benefits for greater impact in the communities in which we work.


Members working in Haiti need skilled IT personnel

Tech Partners

Accenture, Microsoft and Cisco prioritize youth employability in their CSR strategy


NetHope connects the dots, develops a solution and takes action on the ground

An Idea in Action

Newly trained youth find jobs and NetHope Academy expands to 6 countries

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Danusia Dzierzbinski

Deputy CFO of International Rescue Committee, Inc.

Danusia Dzierbinski holds the Deputy CFO position with International Rescue Committee, Inc.With IRC, she oversees the financial management operations for a $750 million annual budget and is responsible for financial reporting, external audit tracking and resolution, and managing the internal control program with an active participation in organizational strategy initiatives across international programs, program quality … Continued

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