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Global Covid-19 vaccination efforts: the world’s leading NGOs unite

NetHope Members have expertise in complex health and vaccination programs. Our partners are at the cutting-edge of digital solutions. The result? Huge potential for collective action to ensure that no-one misses out on a Covid-19 vaccination.

March 16, 2021

NetHope has now convened our Members for two calls focusing on the global Covid-19 vaccination effort. Members and partners have shared their experiences and learnings from responding to previous health crises, like Ebola in West Africa, and have identified opportunities for partnership and collaboration. On our most recent call we heard unique insights from Members Medical Teams International, Children International, Save the Children and World Vision International. Long-time NetHope partners Salesforce and Microsoft also presented on the calls, and donors joined us to listen to the needs of our nonprofit Members and the potential solutions from the tech sector.

Following on from this process of information sharing and discussion, we are shifting gears. Specific themes are emerging about shared issues on the demand side of the vaccine delivery equation, as well as the call for data sharing mechanisms. We are now entering the next phase of our collaboration; mapping offers and gaps in our community. We’re convening our Members and partners to find out what they have to offer to the global Covid-19 vaccination effort, and what they need in order to respond effectively. From this point forward, we are moving into a phase of focused framework planning, matching gaps and offers within our community, and seeing what solutions still need to be found.

We’re excited to announce that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) will be joining NetHope for our third Covid vaccine call on Thursday 15th April. We’ll be discussing leveraging data to support low and middle income countries (LMICs) in their vaccine prioritization efforts, and our Members will have the opportunity to share the vaccine data challenges their teams have encountered, and learn about the Vaccine Data Co-Lab's open call for matchmaking funds. Find out more and register to join us today!

During our last two Covid-19 vaccine calls, NetHope Members have shared a wide range of proven practices and potential solutions that exist within our community. The NetHope team also has experience innovating on vaccine distribution. Through our Center for the Digital Nonprofit, we helped the NetHope Member PATH advance their vaccine innovation. PATH was the first organization to innovate through one of our IDEA journeys, looking to evolve their business model to more intentionally partner with the communities they serve – to design, prototype and test new solutions around immunization coverage.

While much is still to be done, we are confident that the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists within the NetHope Membership can help ensure no-one misses out on being vaccinated against Covid-19. We believe that NetHope has a key role to play in bringing this knowledge and experience together in collective action to make an impact for the world’s most vulnerable. A global vaccination effort requires a united response, and our community has a key role to play.

Our third call on 15th April will be part of the mapping and gaps phase. We anticipate that we will need significant funding in order to implement an effective response to the challenges our Members are identifying for the communities they serve when it comes to the vaccination effort.

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Want to be part of this Covid-19 vaccine collaboration? Contact Jean-Louis Ecochard  for more information.

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