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Haiti has a critical shortage of IT professionals.

November 19, 2012

The Importance of IT in Haiti
Haiti has a critical shortage of IT professionals. In addition, there are many unemployed Haitians that have completed 4 years of computer science education but can't get jobs because they lack the work experience that employers demand. The NetHope Academy identifies the "best of the best" unemployed youth and provides them with internships and the professional development they need to become employable.

Haiti is of course rebuilding following the devastating earthquake in 2010. Information technology is no doubt a catalyst for economic and social change. Virtually every sector including health, education, banking and government will be impacted by the move towards a 21st century, information-and-communications-driven nation.

About the NetHope Academy

The NetHope Academy acts as a "finishing school" providing promising young Haitians with the necessary on-the-job work experience that allows them to apply what they have learned in school. Over 80% of NetHope Academy interns have earned full time employment as IT professionals! But their work with NetHope does not end there: they also work to raise funds to allow a future student access to the same opportunity. Help them reach their goals; all donated funds raised go directly to the Academy!

Who They Are

Right now we have 15 NetHope Academy graduates highlighted on the NetHope Academy website. As part of their participation in the program, they are to raise $1000 after graduation to help continue the program for the next class of students. Just $1000 will send another young Haitian to NetHope Academy.

Click here to view profiles of the graduates, learn out about their amazing stories and donate any amount you are comfortable with. Every donation helps, and no donation is too little! Whether or not you are able to donate at this time please forward this information on to others who you think might be interested. The more eyes we have on Haiti, the better!

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