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NetHope and UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub Partner for AI Advancement in the Humanitarian Sector 

Driving the adoption of AI technologies in a more streamlined, impactful, and ethical manner.

April 26, 2024

We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a unique opportunity to create transformative solutions to address humanitarian and environmental challenges. Having explored the ethics and suitability of AI solutions with the NetHope community since 2018, we know that the nonprofit sector, constrained by limited resources and a reluctance to engage in trial-and-error experimentation due to financial constraints as well as donor aversion to risk and guided by the principle to do no harm to people in need, often opts for proven and tested solutions employed by peer organizations. Therefore, there is a critical need for consistency and collaboration within the sector. 

NetHope is delighted to announce that we are partnering with the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub (UKHIH) to develop a Humanitarian AI Communications and Convening Strategy. UKHIH’s objective is to leverage the shared objectives, expertise, and established networks of the respective collaborators to support the humanitarian sector and improve the uptake of AI technologies more efficiently, effectively, and ethically. The aim is to complement and amplify the work done by UKHIH, Elhra's Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF), NetHope, and many other actors in the space.  

Get involved 

As part of this work, UKHIH is conducting a light touch mapping of humanitarian AI applications. Information is being collected through a number of means and sources, including a 6-question form that can be found here. The form should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.  

Nonprofit organizations that use or are testing AI applications are encouraged to complete this form to contribute to this catalogue of applications that UKHIH and NetHope will publish.   

About the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub (UKHIH) 

The UKHIH aims to solve humanitarian problems and challenges through strategic collaborations and networks. Their collaborations involve multi-sector participation and engagement from the private, public, and non-profit sectors, research institutions, and local communities. Backed by their passionate scientists and innovators and funded by the FCDO, they bring creative and innovative thinking into humanitarian responses and policies. Their partners apply their skills and expertise to find potential solutions around specific challenges in humanitarian disasters and crises that impact the lives of the most vulnerable communities worldwide. 

About NetHope 

NetHope is a catalyst for collective impact that advances humanitarian, conservation, and international development efforts worldwide. For more than 20 years, we’ve enabled international nongovernmental organizations and leading technology partners to address our world’s most pressing challenges and advance global good through collaboration, collective action, and smarter use of digital technology. Over 60 nonprofit Members and 50 technology partners collaborate to leverage digital solutions for exponential impact. Collectively, NetHope Members deliver more than 60% of all annual international, non-governmental aid, serving over 1.67 billion people in 190 countries. 

NetHope’s New Strategic Plan – Digital Transformation & Innovation – AI Program Highlight 

NetHope launched its 2024-2030 strategy, focusing on bridging the digital divide. A generation ago, the Digital Divide described the gap in access first to computers and then to the internet and essential technologies. But today, new digital challenges threaten international NGO mission advancement as organizations are forced to grapple with the widening gap between available resources and growing needs. These new challenges – what NetHope calls the new Digital Divides – represent critical gaps in infrastructure, systems, capabilities, and knowledge. Over the next decade, will lead collective action to bridge the New Digital Divides – skills and leadership, inclusion, protection, transformation and innovation, and climate adaptation and resilience - leveraging our powerful, proven model for advance global good. 

Bridging the New Digital Divides Spotlight: Digital Transformation and Innovation 

The innovation required to meet emerging and existing challenges to the nonprofit sector and the communities we serve only happens when it is prioritized. NetHope works within our network, data, and history of catalyzing collective action to see complex problems are met with insights, policies, and advice that are context-appropriate, efficient, and scalable. NetHope will use our influence, networks, data, and history of catalyzing new and high-potential ideas to ensure complex problems are met with insights, policies, guidance, and technology solutions. 

Program Spotlight: Augmenting Generative AI Skills and Practices for Nonprofits 

NetHope’s work in AI dates back to 2018 as much of our work begins, a gathering of Members and a collective desire for action. Now, our program focuses on generative AI skills and practice building to address the unique needs of nonprofits, their staff, and implementation partners. Training, market scanning for sector-appropriate solutions, and exchanging knowledge and experiences are important elements of this program.  

NetHope has also published several resources on AI: 

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