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Relaunching the NetHope Digital Nonprofit Skills Assessment

Digital skill levels vary within organizations. It is essential that nonprofits assess their digital skills and act to close gaps.

May 17, 2024

With 67% of the world’s population online, and internet usage consistently growing every year in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), digital skills have become an imperative for NGOs to efficiently engage the people they serve. However, we know there are regional differences in the digital ability of nonprofits, and that digital skill levels vary within organizations. This is why it is essential that nonprofits assess their digital skills and act to close gaps.

Digital skills mean more than technical literacy and the ability to use digital tools. Research from NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, published in The Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment white paper, highlights that essential skills such as digital responsibility, complex problem solving, or entrepreneurial spirit are needed to achieve real and sustained digital transformation. These skills are expressed through the categories of the Center’s Digital Skills Framework, that is based upon research into technology trends, existing frameworks, and digital skills needed for nonprofit success.

Relaunching the Digital Nonprofit Skills (DNS) Assessment

Using the DNS assessment, nonprofits can get a view of how their organization scores across these skill categories, to identify gaps and areas of misalignment that should be addressed. Individuals, teams, and whole organizations can take the DNS survey to see their own scores and how they compare against sector benchmarks. For Member organizations, NetHope also offers a more in-depth analysis (DNS+) with recommendations for the next steps, for discussion with executives and boards.

Taking action to close the skills gaps

NetHope’s Leadership Skills for a Digital Age course is aimed at management level staff and covers all six skill categories with the aim of helping individuals think, act, and achieve like digital transformation leaders.

To get a more detailed view of specific training needs within the different digital skill categories, NetHope has conducted the 2023 State of Nonprofit Digital Skills Training Needs. NetHope Member organizations can conduct a training needs survey specifically for their own teams if they wish – contact Karla Rubio for details.

Take the DNS assessment now!

You can access the DNS assessment following this link. Once you have submitted your responses, you will receive an email from with your private link to download your personal report.

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