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Urgent Appeal: Please Support our Emergency Response to the Earthquake impacting Türkiye and Syria

NetHope has deployed a team of digital first responders to Türkiye, where they have already connected a Search and Rescue site to help the response teams coordinate efforts and relay critical lifesaving information. We need your support as we expand our efforts to provide connectivity, vital equipment, and digital protection.

February 10, 2023

Türkiye and Syria are experiencing the devastating impact of the region’s worst earthquake in a century. As of this writing, the death toll has exceeded 20,000, with four times this number injured. Search and rescue efforts continue, but will shift to longer term humanitarian aid, which is expected to last for several months. Current estimates show hundreds of thousands of displaced people in the region.

NetHope is on the ground responding. NetHope seeks $250,000 to catalyze our emergency response to this crisis. Your help will provide internet connectivity to benefit the people most affected by this disaster, technology equipment, and ensure better digital protection and cybersecurity to humanitarian aid organizations responding. NetHope relief efforts rely on emergency surge funding. A gift of any size will ensure we are able to fully deploy this response. To donate, click here.

NetHope also seeks in-kind donations of technology equipment, importation support, and equipment acquisition. Trained teams of volunteers who are skilled in field connectivity and network installations in challenging emergency environments would also be a welcome boost our current roster of digital first responders.

NetHope is already responding.

Immediately after receiving news of the earthquake, NetHope was in touch with our nearly 20 NGO Members working in Türkiye and 29 Members in Syria to assess their immediate needs. NetHope is actively coordinating with key counterparts, including the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and its Virtual Onsite Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) and Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Team; the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC), Refugee Emergency Telecomms Sector (RETS), and the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF).

NetHope has deployed a team of digital first responders to Türkiye, where they have already connected a Search and Rescue site to help the response teams coordinate efforts and relay critical lifesaving information. In addition, they have met with our Members, regional partners, government officials, and others to assess humanitarian needs and restore connectivity that delivers information as aid.

NetHope’s further response centers around three focus areas.

We are mobilizing to get internet to those affected and those mounting rescue and aid operations.

Accessible and stable internet connectivity was impacted by the earthquake and now faces surge demand because of the large global response presence and residents seeking access to loved ones and relief. As the earthquake flattened large areas of towns and cities, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in the middle of winter without access to safe housing. Access to reliable internet allows people to contact loved ones, access safe shelter and find assistance. It is also critical to help our Member nonprofits deliver direct relief to those impacted by the disaster. NetHope is on track to provide direct internet connectivity support and 35+ networks within the NetHope non-profit Member ecosystem in the region. Communication is aid. Your gift today will help support this foundational need so that relief efforts can continue.

We are replacing essential technology equipment to nonprofit Members so vital humanitarian missions can continue.

Our Members report significant technology equipment loss from the collapse of buildings. They need laptops, cellphones, and other equipment to conduct operations. Without these tools, their ability to deliver direct assistance is severely hindered. With your support, we can provide equipment to our Members so they can focus on delivery of critical relief services.

We are rallying support and information to protect NGOs and the people they serve from opportunistic and targeted cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are prevalent in the aftermath of disaster and most prominently impact the humanitarian sector, which in turn puts lives at risk. In today's digitally enabled world cyberattacks quickly turn into physical harm, especially in volatile and uncertain circumstances following a disaster. NetHope’s Digital Protection Program’s response includes specialized Member and sector briefings in partnership with our government and technology partners focused on the threat analysis, techniques of attackers, likely risk factors as well as fraud and misinformation issues, along with recommended actionable safety measures. Members are working directly with our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to gain threat intel, guidance, training, independent assessment, and assurance throughout their response to this disaster. Your gift today will support this effort and help us support and information to protect against these threats.

NetHope’s response will make a difference in this crisis but we cannot do it alone. Together, with compassionate donors like you, we will mobilize to provide communication as aid, enabling our Members to extend their vital programs to those who need help now. The world is mobilizing to support the victims of this devastating disaster. Please help us help them by adding your support to our collective impact efforts.

To help with this critical effort, please contact Molly Gascoigne, Chief Partnerships and Philanthropy Officer at or click here to donate today.

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