The Power of Partnership

As NetHope continues to grow, I commend the organization for the incredible impact it has made in humanitarian relief and development. Through its vision, strong leadership and unwavering commitment to developing strong partnerships, NetHope has inspired a whole new approach — to effect change through the impact of technology.

As part of our global commitment to corporate citizenship, Microsoft has been a long-time contributor to NGOs throughout the world. We strive to improve humanitarian and international development efforts through technology, the volunteer efforts of our employees and financial donations.

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What Gaming Means for Our Youth

As recent events in the Middle East have foretold – large scale democratic and social change can harness technology as a tool to give youth a voice and active role in their communities.  This phenomenon of wide scale change championed by youth will not just be a marker of the Arab Spring but one that will continue to have a wide effect on the future trajectory of the emerging and developing economies.

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New Beginnings for NetHope Academy Interns in Haiti

The NetHope Academy was created to give computer science students technical and on-the-job training in preparation for an ICT career. Last September, NetHope ushered in its first class of Haitian interns—a class of 39 that would be taught in the newly reconstructed La Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haìti. NetHope’s primary goal is to equip interns in six months with the skills and experience necessary to secure full-time employment.

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