The Future of ‘Good’ Identity

Cash transfer is one of the services that ‘good’ identity unlocks. Cash is one of the quickest ways to help people get back on their feet and on their way to recovery when crises strike. (Photo courtesy Mercy Corps)By Leila Toplic, No Lost Generation Tech Task Force LeadIdentity is one of those unique topics that matters to … Continued

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The (Near) Future of Work & Learning for Nonprofits and Individuals

By Gary A. Bolles (Chair of Future of Work, Singularity University) & Leila Toplic (No Lost Generation Tech Task Force Lead, NetHope)This blog post is a preview of some of the topics we’ll be discussing at NetHope Global Summit in Dublin. The ChangeWe are at a dramatic inflection point in human history. We are better … Continued

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Global refugee crisis: Refugee turned humanitarian shares reasons for optimism

Conflict-affected youth in Lebanon interacting with and testing Hakeem chatbot in September 2018 (Photo credit: NRC)This month, governments, humanitarian organizations, the private sector, and civil society are convening in New York City for the 73rd United Nations General Assembly. One of the pressing topics on the agenda is how to accelerate and expand efforts to deliver education … Continued

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NetHope Device Challenge Gold Star Award Winners Announced

NetHope 2017 Device Challenge grantees recognized for innovative application of internet-enabled devices By Lisa ObradovichNetHope is thrilled to announce the NetHope 2017 Device Challenge “Gold Star Award” winners: Mercy Corps and The Nature Conservancy.  These two organizations were selected to receive an additional $25,000 USD grant on top of the original funding they and 15 other … Continued

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A Case for the Cloud in the Developing World

For many years, it was thought that cloud solutions were out of reach for those working in the developing world. Because many organizations lack the basic connectivity that users would need to access their applications and data, it seemed improbable that it would catch on quickly. However, I’ve been struck by how quickly various innovations are coming together simultaneously making cloud solutions well within reach – and highly desirable – for most organizations working in the developing world today. With today’s announcement from Microsoft that Office 365 for Nonprofits is now available to NGOs worldwide as a donation, it’s likely to become even more appealing.

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Tech for a Brighter Future: The Humanitarian Cloud

This blog is part of a NetHub series that looks at technology trends that will help to shape a bright global future. Read more on the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and NetHope here.

Cloud technology is revolutionizing how we are able to share, deploy and maintain solutions across the world. Cloud solutions are built on lean infrastructure that can be scaled up and down as needed, yet they require significantly less cost.

Cloud-based services power many of the successful ICT projects being used by the 34 humanitarian organizations that make up our membership.

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