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June 22, 2021 10:00am


November 22, 2021 12:00pm

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NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative

AI Ethics for Nonprofits: Train-the-Trainer Virtual Session

This June, NetHope’s AI Working Group and USAID are hosting a Train-the-Trainer virtual session focused on AI ethics in the […]

This June, NetHope’s AI Working Group and USAID are hosting a Train-the-Trainer virtual session focused on AI ethics in the nonprofit sector. The purpose of this session is to train nonprofit practitioners to facilitate AI ethics discussions in their organizations and communities.

The session will focus on the practical application of the AI Ethics for Nonprofits Toolkit that was developed by NetHope’s AI Working Group, USAID and MIT D-Lab in 2020. In this first instalment of the toolkit, we focus on achieving Fairness (a just and equitable treatment across individuals and/or groups) and avoiding Bias (systematically favoring one group relative to another based on specific categories or attributes such as gender, race, age, education level).

In this session, you will:

  • Gain deeper familiarity with the content in the AI Ethics toolkit through a discussion with the toolkit creators.
  • Learn methods and techniques to facilitate discussions focused on evaluating the risk of bias in AI/ML projects and how to optimize for fairness through deliberate steps in the design, implementation and use of AI systems.
  • Practice facilitation of virtual discussions, using an online whiteboarding tool and breakout rooms.
  • Identify the areas where additional practical guidance and tools are needed beyond the AI toolkit.

Intended audience: Nonprofit practitioners responsible for training in their organizations. Other nonprofit practitioners (ICT4D, Field Programs, Business Development) from global NGOs, UN agencies and local nonprofits.

IMPORTANT: To get the most out of the session, we kindly ask that you review AI Ethics Toolkit materials (Master Deck, Facilitators Guide, AI Ethics Concepts, and Use Cases) prior to the session and come prepared to practice facilitation using the materials from the toolkit.

We will be accrediting training participants with ‘AI Ethics for Nonprofits: Instructor’ badge.


Leila Toplic, Head of Emerging Technologies Initiative, NetHope
Nora Lindstrom, Member, NetHope AI Working Group
Amy Paul, Technical Advisor, USAID Center for Digital Development
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