For global nonprofits, digital is mission critical

Global nonprofits are beginning to leverage the vast potential of digital technology to accelerate our progress and advance our missions to improve the world we share. Clearly, digital technology, once relegated to the category of “overhead” for global nonprofits, is now mission critical. And it’s our time to embrace it.

This was the impetus for launching The Center for the Digital Nonprofit in October 2017—to seize the opportunity of re-imagining how the global nonprofit sector delivers aid. This is accomplished through creative collaboration, bringing together the expertise of the technology sector with the on-the-ground experience of nonprofits.

NetHope is curating resources aimed at increasing awareness of the opportunity of digital technology and transformation among important audiences by sharing relevant research, success stories, aspirational stories, and best practices here. In the process, we’ll:

  • help NetHope members share success stories and dreams, and equip them to make the case for digital to their boards and donors
  • increase recognition of the gap between nonprofit needs and available resources
  • enhance understanding among donors that digital technology and transformation can maximize the impact of their investments
  • illuminate how tech companies can apply their valuable knowledge and assets to solving world problems or increasing human potential  
  • amplify and celebrate the commitments of the Founding Partners of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, who are driving digital transformation through The Center and their own corporate efforts

Put simply, building for a better future through digital technology and digital transformation is not “overhead” and merits investment. It’s not only a worthy investment, but a mandate. We can adopt new ways of doing things through digital technology to improve life on this planet. This should give us all great hope. We invite you to contact us or click on the categories below to learn more and join the #FundDigital4Good campaign.