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About NetHope

NetHope enables humanitarian organizations to better serve individuals and communities in the developing world through smarter use of technology. Working at the intersection of the international NGO sector, private business and technology innovation, NetHope is a Membership organization currently serving over 60 leading humanitarian, development, and conservation organizations around the world. NetHope empowers our Member organizations to collaborate, innovate, and leverage the full potential of information and communications technology to support their work in 190 countries. NetHope and our Members partner with over 50 of the world’s leading technology firms to create innovative solutions to existing and emerging challenges, and to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

About Our Team

NetHope is a virtual organization, so our team, our Members and our Partners are located around the world.  NetHope is a networked team-oriented environment with staff working across functional areas to produce high-quality programs, services, and connections with the Members. We value open communication and believe that a staff working as a team produces the best outcomes. Due to the global nature of the organization, meetings may be required at any time of the day to meet with our stakeholders in varying time zones. In order to meet these needs, NetHope embraces flexible schedules for team Members.

How to Apply

As a global organization and equal opportunity employer, we welcome qualified applicants with diverse backgrounds from various locations, and who may have non-traditional work patterns. If you are interested in joining our team, please submit a cover letter and resume here:

Current Team Openings

Please bookmark this page and check often, as we anticipate new positions opening soon!

Application and Resume upload link for the Part-Time Business Analyst Contractor Position

Part-Time Business Analyst Contractor Position job description.
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