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The NetHope Global Summit 2024 will be held in Washington DC!

The NetHope Global Summit 2024 will be held in none other than the magnificent Washington DC! Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we gear up for 2024. Watch NetHope’s channels for a date and venue announcement coming soon!

After witnessing the incredible success of the 2023 NetHope Global Summit, we can assure you that this upcoming event is one not to miss! Watch this space for when specific dates will be announced. The 2024 Summit is going to be absolutely amazing!

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Looking to get involved or for more information about NetHope? Check out the information below!

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NetHope Member organizations are at the core of all that we do. It is through their collaborative efforts that we are able to create and deploy powerful, world-changing collective action solutions. Learn more today!

Transformational Collaborations – Get Involved as a Member!

NetHope has put together broad coalitions of organizations and companies working in concert toward a single goal; using the power of data, digital and partnerships through our Member Community to better serve people and communities around the world. NetHope Members participate in our Global Summit, 6 Regional Chapters, and Working Groups. These groups work together to lift the capability of the sector as a whole, with context-specific and cross-organization problem-solving, training, webinars, and action. Members can access the NetHope Network for the latest information on getting involved!

Become a Partner

NetHope provides exclusive opportunities for nonprofits and corporations to work together in meaningful partnership to solve real problems and innovate in development. If your company is interested in joining our Partner Network of over 50 companies, check out more information here!

NetHope Webinars

NetHope hosts regular webinars that are open to the public and allow Members, partners, and subject matter experts to share case studies, best practices, and showcase the impact of digital transformation. Check our library here!

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Donate to the Global Summit Scholarship Fund

Scholarships will support individuals in the NetHope Member community who are unable to attend the 2024 Global Summit without assistance. Your gift will provide the opportunity for a scholarship recipient to pursue connections and collaborations with NetHope Members and partners, networking with peers, and accessing vital information to help move their organization’s mission forward. Give today!

NetHope’s Program Spotlights

Digital Skills & Leadership

The digital divide is not limited to field and program challenges, but is present in non-profits, networks, donor organizations and corporate partners. NetHope bridges gaps in digital literacy, skills and understanding, from intermediate tactical concerns to pan-organizational and global strategic planning enhanced by digital technology.

  • Spotlight: Leadership Skills for a Digital Age 
    This 12-week course delivered by the NetHope Digital Leadership Institute, offers senior leaders a chance to work individually and collaboratively to identify real solutions they’re facing in their organizations and work towards sustainable solutions. The course includes six modules to build capacity in both technical and leadership skills based on the Digital Skills Framework. Find out more and apply today!  

Digital Inclusion

For true digital equity to be realized, digital inclusion cannot be limited to emergency situations or treated as charity. NetHope understands that digital inclusion, from foundational digital access to reliable information and freedom from digital exploitation, is increasingly a basic necessity and therefore a universal right.

  • Program Spotlight: Women of NetHope 
    A mentorship program for women and people who identify as female, who are looking for their next steps in professional development and guidance within the NGO sector. The program has three goals: support women in their digitally focused career paths, support women to reach senior leadership positions in their nonprofit organizations, encourage the women with this scare digital and leadership expertise to stay in the non-profit sector. Contact us for more information.
  • Program Spotlight: Digital First Response and Preparedness 
    This program supports our Members in the field, so they can focus on critical mission delivery without interruption. Accessible and stable internet connectivity is often impacted in disasters and faces surge demand because of large global response and residents seeking relief. NetHope delivers connectivity as aid in the wake of a disaster and works in collaboration with a global network throughout the year to deliver trainings around the globe. Check out blog on our recent Disaster Telecommunications Training in Guatemala. 

Digital Protection 

After governments, nonprofits are not the second most targeted sector of cyberattacks by malicious nation-state-level actors. In today's digitally enabled world, cyberattacks quickly stop important mission delivery, and have a disproportionate impact on the people needing vital aid - many of whom are already at extreme risk.

  • Program Spotlight: Digital Protection Program and Global Humanitarian ISAC 
    NetHope's Digital Protection Program helps Members improve their cybersecurity programs, by tackling challenges through direct consultative dial-a-CISO and scholarships to industry standard training. The Global Humanitarian ISAC will serve as the first-of-its-kind, central platform that enables governments, technology companies, trusted providers and funders to support the spectrum of information security needs of nonprofits and the communities they serve. By working together in one platform, the ISAC will be a force multiplier, building sector-wide resilience so that nonprofits can better protect the world's most vulnerable. 

Innovation & Digital Transformation 

The innovation required to meet emerging and existing challenges to the nonprofit sector and the communities we serve only happens when it is made a priority. NetHope works within our network, data, and history of catalyzing collective action to see complex problems are met with insights, policies, and advice that are context-appropriate, efficient and scalable.  

Digital for Climate Adaptation & Resilience 

Climate change is a crisis that underpins many of the challenges and growing needs facing our sector, and will certainly exacerbate and complicate almost every program and operating context of nonprofits.

  • Program Spotlight: Climate Intersections Program
    NetHope launched its first climate program, with the generous support of Cisco. Our mission is to leverage the reach of the NetHope community via digital, data and partnerships to help more people thrive in the face of climate change. NetHope humanitarian and conservation NGO Members and their ecosystems, thematic programs, local and marginalized communities and NetHope tech partners are the core of Climate Intersections program. We believe that collective action is the way to fight this climate crisis. Sharing resources and finding digital solutions together is not something new for NetHope Members. 

NetHope Center for the Digital Nonprofit 

NetHope believes in the power of technology to enable, connect and multiply the life-transforming impact of the nonprofit sector. Technology is not the goal or the end point, it’s the enabler. Through innovation and collaboration, NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit brings together the expertise of the technology sector with the on-the-ground experience of global nonprofits to create a network for committed, forward-looking organizations to improve the world we share. By providing the guidance, resources and tools, and grantmaking needed for digital transformation, The Center helps nonprofits achieve the promise of tomorrow today. Check out the latest resources!

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