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Celebrating 20 years of collective impact

NetHope started as a dream. Perhaps you were there at the very first Summit back in 2001. One of the small group of dreamers who knew that we could do more good, better, if we worked together. Who believed that collaboration and technology could change the face of conservation, humanitarian relief and development… forever.

Or perhaps you joined along the way. Getting caught up in a movement that has been on the frontline of some of the biggest humanitarian crises of our lifetimes. A movement that has transformed the use of technology in the global nonprofit sector and has helped millions of people in the process. And a movement that has so much more impact to make.

However you got here, you are a part of NetHope. And we are glad you are.
We have always been a forward-looking community. A community that strives to ensure the biggest and best technology advancements benefit those who need them most.

But on our 20th anniversary, as well as looking to the future, we want you to journey with us into the past to reflect on just how far we’ve come. Together.
Without NetHope it wouldn’t be possible to do my job
- Joel Pinckheard, Oxfam

Read: NetHope 20th Anniversary Report

Hear from NetHope founders, our former Executive Directors, and other community members, and trace the impact you have been a part of through two decades of collective action. Read the NetHope 20th Anniversary Report.

Watch: 20 years of collective impact

Our community’s biggest achievements are celebrated in this animated timeline. That’s a lot of impact.
20 years in four minutes. Give it a watch.

63 world-changing Members

The NetHope community has grown, year on year. In 2001, our seven founding Members came together around a table (literally, NetHope’s first Executive Director Dipak Basu’s kitchen table) to imagine a future where NGOs worked together, and where the nonprofit sector had access to the cutting-edge technology available to big corporations. Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, Care, Mercy Corps, Children International and Winrock International have been with NetHope since day one – along with Cisco, our founding partner.

Since then, more than 50 other leading global nonprofits have caught the vision, joining the NetHope community to learn, collaborate and impact together. Through NetHope, our nonprofit Members have partnered with more than 80 ground-breaking technology companies, accessing better technology, and better using the technology they have for the good of people and nature.
As a whole, we’re greater than the individual parts. That’s what NetHope is for me
- Jon Winder, Plan

NetHope for the next 20 years…

NetHope was born to help NGOs more effectively address the world's most pressing challenges through collaboration, collective action and the smarter use of technology. At NetHope’s 20th Anniversary Summit, we are celebrating 20 years of collective impact. And those 20 years are just the beginning.

As communities across the globe continue to recover from the destructive Covid-19 pandemic, the collaboration and collective action of the NetHope community is needed more than ever – helping technology find its greatest purpose, changing the world in pursuit of flourishing communities, supporting people and nature.

In the coming months and years, we will be working with our Members and partners to tackle the new challenges that have arisen for the nonprofit sector and those we seek to support. We will collaborate to empower nonprofits in ethical technology, bring the benefits of cohesive data and digital literacy to field programs, empower tech leaders and communities across the globe, and tackle climate change and its effects on the world's most vulnerable.

The NetHope community will continue to be the catalyst supporting people and planet for the next 20 years – doing things that would not be possible if we were acting alone.

NetHope mini documentary

NetHope founders, Members and partners reflect on the collective impact of the NetHope community, what NetHope means to them, and what the future might look like for our world-changing movement.
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