Our Team

We are a group of excited, determined problem-solvers who are eager to make a difference in this world through technological innovation. We pride ourselves on the diversity of global experience found within our NetHope team and our willingness to apply the best ideas from the nonprofit, private, philanthropic, and government sectors to the hard problems our members are committed to solving.

NetHope is a critical catalyst for so many technological changes, and well positioned to help its members through digital transformation.

Board Chair

Katharine Brown

Head of Global Information Technology, VSO

Cynthia Currence

National Director, Philanthropy, Children International

Jon Curry

Board Vice Chair
Save the Children

Michael Duggan

Board Secretary
Oxfam International

Danusia Dzierzbinski

Board Treasurer
CFO of Orbis International

Pietro Galli

Head of ICT, Norwegian Refugee Council

Janet Humphreys

Chief Technology and Business Development Officer, GOAL

Farhan Irshad

Board Chair

Pamela Jennings

Vice President Business Transformation, ADP

Karl Lowe

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Catholic Relief Services

Eleanor Meyers


Macon Phillips

Founder and Principal Strategist, Starling Strategy

Richard Pichler

Special Representative for External Affairs and Resources, SOS Children's Villages International

Marianne Allison

Leadership Fellow

Akhtar Badshah

Leadership Fellow

Mark Banbury

Leadership Fellow

Radha Basu

Leadership Fellow

Dipak Basu

Leadership Fellow

Kelvin Cantafio

Leadership Fellow

Cory A. Eaves

Leadership Fellow

Edward G. Happ

Leadership Fellow

Patricia Long

Leadership Fellow

Randy Pond

Leadership Fellow

Alexandra Alpert

Director, Membership

Liz Bronder

Interim CEO

Brent Carbno

Managing Director, Global Programs

Jennifer Childs

Senior Director, Development

Nan Hall

Director, Communications

Megan Pillsbury

Interim COO

Fredrik Winsnes

Director, Center for the Digital Nonprofit

Robyn Baroh

Operations Manager, Office of the CEO

Ric Brewer

Communications Manager

Jenna Groman

Program Manager, Health

Madeleine Noe

Manager, Operations

Seth Otto

Digital Communications Manager

Rami Shakra

Global Programs Director, Field Operations

Ray Short

Director, Institutional Partnerships/GBI Chief of Party

Stephanie Siy

GBI Operations Manager

Forrest Wilhoit

Senior Program Manager, GBI