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Christine Odeph

Christine Odeph is the Engagement Coordinator at NetHope. She supports the Member Engagement Team in this role, facilitating constructive communication, engagement, and collaboration between stakeholders within NetHope's multi-layered community.

Building on her cross-cultural, regional (Africa), and global experiences gained from a 10-plus-year career in relevant and interconnected private and non-profit roles, Christine will ensure the continuous building and bridging of NetHope professional relationships across varied environments, ensuring consistency and cohesion in each of these collaborative spaces.

As a dedicated communications professional who believes in the transformative power of interactive, strategic, and collaborative communication to achieve better-shared outcomes, Christine has always been interested in the complexities of the human condition. Thus, she has worked in diverse roles, including journalism, lifestyle editing, corporate marketing, communications, and development. She is also a published and award-winning author of African short stories.

Christine is an alumnus of St. Paul's University, Kenya. She resides in Nairobi, Kenya, where she is also a dedicated single parent to an incredible young man in his teens and a cat with anxious attachment traits.

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