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Dianna Langley

Dianna Langley joined NetHope in July 2020, and before this worked for a decade in the not-for-profit sector, specifically in community engagement and global digital services. As NetHope’s COO, Dianna is steering NetHope into its third decade of impact. Dianna is responsible for our programs, including NetHope's Member engagement, direct delivery field programs, and the NetHope Center for the Digital Nonprofit. With her team, Dianna works to create great collaboration amongst these world-class organizations so that NetHope's international nonprofit Members, its technology partners, and the wider third sector find ways to join strongly together to accelerate the digital transformation of the nonprofit sector.

In her previous role as Head of Digital Workplace for Oxfam, Dianna was globally responsible for heading the design, deployment, and best use of Oxfam’s Digital Workplace which delivered capabilities and tools to users worldwide while nurturing and upholding Oxfam’s values. Dianna started with Oxfam in 2010, deviated for a while into strategic internal communications and change, and by 2020 she was running the Oxfam Digital Workplace that was serving over 10,000 staff and 20,000 volunteers with common file sharing, intranet, enterprise social, e-signatures, workflow automation solutions, and shared user identity services - and more importantly, driving global culture change by creating a united town square for Oxfam staff and volunteers. Dianna also held positions on Oxfam's key global IT governance bodies, notably in Information and Data Protection, and Live Shared Services. Dianna was part of the team that produced Oxfam's Global Strategic Framework for 2030. She was awarded the DWG Digital Workplace Leader of the Year in 2019, was a member of the Box Product Advisory Board from 2018-2020, and has spoken at multiple industry events on the collaborative future of work.

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