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Dipak Basu

Dipak Basu has spent much of his life employing technology in humanitarian missions worldwide.

In 2006, Dipak established the Anudip Foundation, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to empowerment of marginalized youth and women for digital livelihoods in India’s e-Commerce and IT-enabled services sector. Since its inception, the company has created job and business opportunities for more than 75,000 young people with support of numerous high-tech companies.

Following its incubation in Anudip, Dipak and his wife Radha, a NetHope board member, launched iMerit Technology Services in 2011 as a separate social enterprise. iMerit today is a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning services.

Between 1995 to 2006, Dipak held leadership positions in Product Management and Professional Services at Cisco Systems, where his last position was Director, Global Center of Expertise. Dipak is a Cisco Leadership Fellow and is considered a pioneer in Voice-over-IP and Metro Ethernet technologies. In 2001, Dipak co-founded and served as Executive Director of NetHope. During his tenure, NetHope received front-page coverage in the Wall Street Journal for its tech-driven relief operations for the South Asian tsunami. For his work at NetHope, Dipak received the Tech Laureate Award for IT in Humanity, the President's Award from Save the Children, and the Reuters Digital Vision Fellowship. Dipak received the Distinguished Alumnus award from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2017. After receiving his BTech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from IIT, Dipak earned an MSEE from the University of Southern California. He has been a guest lecturer in Computer Science at IIT Delhi and is a Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. Following the untimely death of their beloved and talented daughter in 2008, Radha and Dipak Basu set up the Jhumki Basu Foundation that continues her work in developing excellent STEM teachers for urban minority school districts of America.

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