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Duncan Drury

Duncan Drury leads on Connectivity, Infrastructure and Energy Programs at Nethope, where he aims to strengthen the foundations for technology in the humanitarian sector to enable greater innovation and effectiveness in meeting the needs of vulnerable people around the world. Duncan works closely with our members and partners to co-create ways of meeting the varied needs of people and teams working in off-grid and austere environments, and of organisations aiming to solve the worlds biggest problems.

He brings 20 years experience delivering technology solutions in complex international environments, for organisations in the humanitarian, international development, education and health care sectors, including Christan Aid, Technoserve, Prostate UK and UCL. He has skills and interests ranging from computer programming to music production, home improvement to snowboarding, and loves to read widely on history, culture, politics and alternative comics. He loves to fix broken things.

Duncan earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Anthropology at University College London, where he specialised in national and ethnic identity and power relationships, with a particular interest in this in Ethiopia. He lives in the Lake District with his family and dog. 

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