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Donors and Implementers Commit to Greater Collaboration between Public and Private Sectors in 2019

November 7, 2018 NetHope Communications TeamNan Hall, nan.hall@nethope.orgRic Brewer, DIAL ContactPaul Quirk, +1-202-864-5148pquirk@digitalimpactalliance.orgDUBLIN – Yesterday afternoon, NetHope and the […]

November 7, 2018

NetHope Communications Team
Nan Hall,
Ric Brewer,

DIAL Contact
Paul Quirk, +1-202-864-5148

– Yesterday afternoon, NetHope and the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) convened a group of donor and implementing government and non-governmental organizations to discuss shared challenges and opportunities to work more closely together in 2019. The group committed to initiating a dialogue aimed at investing more time and resources together to identify ways organizations can collectively work towards the goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of digital solutions for development to reach more people across the globe.

Executives from several NetHope member organizations joined donors from US and European agencies to discuss broad areas of potential collaboration, including strategies to increase integration; joint methods of promoting greater inclusion; common strategies to drive leveraged investment; and practical methods where they can promote more responsible data policies so that new technologies equally benefit and protect the most vulnerable members of society.

“Technology continues to advance at an increasing rate but has been slow to reach many in the developing world,” said Kate Wilson, CEO of the Digital Impact Alliance. “Only through strong collaboration and information sharing between all actors in the digital development ecosystem can we ensure anyone, anywhere at any time can access life-enhancing services enabled by digital technology.”

The four challenge areas discussed by the donor and implementing organizations are reflected in DIAL’s latest report: “Donor Organizations & the Principles for Digital Development: A Landscape Assessment and Gap Analysis.” The report provides a snapshot of the current capacity within donor organizations and recommendations on how development impact can be improved through the more effective use of technology and digital methodologies, including adoption and practice of the Principles for Digital Development.

“The Digital Principles are a cornerstone for development organizations who are using technology to improve outcomes,” said Dr. Dirk Aßmann, Director General of Sectoral Department at GIZ.

Speaking on behalf of the donor and implementing organizations, Dr. Aßmann shared the pledge made to work more closely together in 2019 to support the recommendations made in the new DIAL report and deliver more value for money working with partners.

“Digital technology, when used well, is a key tool to more effectively and efficiently deliver better development outcomes,” said Lauren Woodman, CEO of NetHope. “Working together, DIAL and NetHope are committed to a robust, ongoing dialogue with the goal of bringing donors, implementing organizations, and technology providers together in partnership to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”



About the Digital Impact Alliance

The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) aims to realize a more inclusive digital society in emerging markets, in which all women, men and children benefit from life-enhancing, mobile-based digital services. A partnership among USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Swedish Government and the United Nations Foundation, DIAL’s efforts help accelerate the collective efforts of government, industry and development organizations to realize this vision.


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