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NetHope Board appoints Lance Pierce as NetHope CEO

PRESS RELEASE October 29, 2020 NetHope Communications Team The NetHope Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Lance […]


October 29, 2020

NetHope Communications Team

The NetHope Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Lance Pierce as the next NetHope CEO.

Lance has a distinguished track record as a leader of organizations that have made a positive, measurable and widely recognized impact in sustainable development, corporate responsibility, sustainable investing and climate change. He has a foundation of over 25 years of middle and executive management experience, and he has practiced advocacy, influencing and direct institutional fundraising through networks for most of his career.

The NetHope Board began the search for a permanent CEO in March 2020. The Board's CEO Search Committee (Farhan Irshad, Janet Humphreys, Richard Pichler, and Karl Lowe) talked to Members and partners to co-develop a profile for the search. They then worked with DRi Consulting to identify and shortlist individuals, who were interviewed by the Committee. After two interviews, Farhan and Karl travelled to Philadelphia USA (where Lance is currently a resident) for a two-hour face-to-face (well, mask-to-mask!) talk, to ensure a good fit for NetHope. Finally, the Search Committee unanimously agreed to recommend Mr Lance Pierce to be appointed as the next CEO of NetHope.

“We are confident that Lance can continue bringing cohesion to the NetHope team and they’ll continue moving forward with high ambitions. He is well placed to be an engaged and respected colleague to our Members and partners, and he has the right attitude to be a good counterpart to the Board by collaborating thoughtfully for solutions needed” said Farhan Irshad, NetHope Board Chair.

Lance will be taking over from Liz Bronder, who has been acting as interim CEO since February 2020, and will begin his tenure in mid-November 2020.

The Board expressed its gratitude to Liz for stepping away from the NetHope Board to undertake this interim CEO role. Under her excellent leadership, NetHope has maintained its financial stability, even during this turbulent global pandemic, and she has ensured NetHope is on a firm footing, ready to evolve for its next phase under Lance's leadership. Lance and the NetHope team will continue to be guided by the NetHope’s Board-approved FY20/21 strategy of ‘Back to Basics Better’.

Lance’s first three months will be heavily focused on the transition from Liz and on listening to Members. Beginning in late November, the NetHope team will start scheduling ‘getting to know you’ meetings with Lance and the NetHope Members and partners.

“I’m really so proud to be joining NetHope now. The work of this organization and this community has never been more important,” said Lance at the Closing Plenary of this year’s NetHope Virtual Global Summit. “NetHope is about all of you coming together in a space where all of us can creatively and collaboratively solve the big problems together. Because when we do... the world becomes a better, more inclusive and more equitable place.

“I’m just so proud and excited to be here. And I’m looking forward to working with you all.”

NetHope would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our Members and partners for their ongoing support and collaboration. As NetHope enters its 20th anniversary year we are proud of the community we are part of and serve together, and we are confident of the impact we will have collectively in the year ahead.

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