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2023 State Of Nonprofit Digital Skills Training Needs

Key research findings to help our sector design tailored capacity-building interventions that adapt to evolving needs.

Our focus on supporting the digital transformation of nonprofits remains strong in NetHope’s new strategic plan. Based on this priority, NetHope consulted with all Member organizations, their national and local offices, and their implementing partners to better understand their primary digital skills capacity building and training needs. This information will help NetHope, and the sector design tailored capacity-building interventions that adapt to evolving needs.

The survey design and the topic selection was based on the NGO Reference Model developed by the NetHope Center for the Digital Nonprofit, and the different topic proposals submitted by all interested parties participating in the 2023 NetHope Global Summit. These categories were validated by NetHope experts by area. Once the survey was developed, it was shared through the broader contacts list of NetHope, with the specific request of sharing it with other colleagues in their organization and with partner organizations. The survey was also published on the LinkedIn page of NetHope, and the QR code and link were also shared during the 2023 NetHope Global Summit for participants to fill out during that week. The data was collected between September 15th, 2023, to October 31st, 2023. The final sample included 440 responses. The survey was divided into three sections: 1. General information of the respondent and the organization 2.Training preferences and time availability 3. Digital skills training needs.

2023 State Of Nonprofit Digital Skills Training Needs
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Since Spring 2021, NetHope has been conducting its community Strategic Alignment Initiative, which aims to orient NetHope’s strategic priorities towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly by helping to accelerate the impact of its Members.

One of the key findings of the research undertaken throughout the Strategic Alignment Initiative is that there is a misalignment on the implementation of digital-enabling strategies between global headquarters on the one hand, and local humanitarian and development programs on the other. This disconnect between global and local indicates a need for collaboration to empower organizations with the technical capacity and foundational ICT infrastructure elements to help amplify efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

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