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Digital Financial Sector Development

How We Work for Digital Financial Inclusion for all.

NetHope has worked to expand the use of digital technology to deepen the reach of the financial sector to poor and marginalized people since 2011. NetHope was an early believer in the transformative promise of mobile money and digital financial inclusion that evidence has shown to be a proven tool in poverty alleviation. 

We created several initiatives promoting digital technology. Some of these include assisting USAID in framing the global movement that spawned the global call to action and the Better Than Cash Alliance in 2011. We support farmers in rural Uganda to become active users of digital financial services. We have published research that collects the evidence of the technology’s success and provide a framework for analyzing the role trust plays in women’s use of digital financial services.  We have implemented programs throughout Africa and Asia supporting digital service providers with technical assistance and run multi-year programs in countries to help service providers extend their financial services networks with digitally enabled agents. We have helped regulators evaluate best practices for supporting digital innovations in the financial sector and have served as a knowledge hub for collection of a growing evidence base promoting sustainable digital financial inclusion and actionable tools included in our popular epayments toolkit.

NetHope does all this because we are committed to providing hope and progress through digital financial inclusion.

TOOLKIT: e-Payments Toolkit download page
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SUMMARY REPORT: Digital Cash Transfer Preparedness Grants - Summary of Findings & Recommendations
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The Power and Collective Impact of NetHope and Its Members on Financial Sector Deepening

Our work is amplified by the collective impact of our members that together with NetHope, bring significant resources to achieving the goals of digital financial inclusion.

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