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Localization of Digital Transformation

Skilling up local nonprofit leaders for effective program delivery in the digital world.

Since Spring 2021, NetHope has been conducting its community Strategic Alignment Initiative, which aims to orient NetHope’s strategic priorities towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly by helping to accelerate the impact of its Members.

One of the key findings of the research undertaken throughout the Strategic Alignment Initiative is that there is a misalignment on the implementation of digital-enabling strategies between global headquarters on the one hand, and local humanitarian and development programs on the other. This disconnect between global and local indicates a need for collaboration to empower organizations with the technical capacity and foundational ICT infrastructure elements to help amplify efforts towards achieving the SDGs.

The Localization of Digital Transformation course uses a holistic approach with local nonprofits to analyze their digital abilities and digital transformation readiness using a framework around five pillars: connectivity, digital protection and cybersecurity, digital skills, applied technologies, and information certainty. The assessment framework will inform a strategic and targeted training curriculum to equip local organizations to better utilize the power of digital to be more resilient themselves, so that they can respond more quickly and at bigger scale to the needs of their communities, thus increasing the preparedness and resilience of all.

The Localization of Digital Transformation course is delivered by the NetHope Digital Leadership Institute and funded by Cisco as part of the Digital Breakthrough Initiative.

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