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Localization of Digital Transformation

Empowering Local Nonprofit Leaders for Effective Digital Program Delivery

Prepare your organization for a digital revolution with the Localization of Digital Transformation course through NetHope’s Digital Leadership Institute. This course addresses the pressing need for aligning global strategies at the local level to ensure that organizations can effectively leverage digital tools to drive sustainable change in their communities.  

The Localization of Digital Transformation course is designed to empower organizations with the technical capacity and foundational ICT infrastructure elements necessary to respond swiftly and effectively to the needs of their communities while using a comprehensive framework tailored to the unique needs of local nonprofits.  

At the core of this course lies a holistic approach to assessing and enhancing digital capabilities. Through an in-depth analysis across five essential pillars:  

  • Connectivity  
  • Digital Protection and Cybersecurity  
  • Digital Skills  
  • Applied Technologies  
  • Information Certainty   

Through these three pathways, participants will have the ability to choose their own adventure and will have the option to complete one, two, and/or three of the following pathways: 

  • IT Basics Pathway: Gain foundational knowledge of digital infrastructure and technology to propel your organization’s digital transformation forward. Participants will delve into:  
    • Introduction to digital skills, hardware, software, and online communication.  
    • Overview of digital workplaces, back-office solutions, and digital solutions for financial management.  
    • Understanding data protection principles and basic cybersecurity measures. 
  • County Office Operations Pathway: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge necessary for smooth operational management at the country level. This pathway covers:  
    • Overview of digital workplaces and back-office solutions tailored to country office operations.  
    • Insights into grant management, CRMs, and technology for MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning).  
    • Understanding data collection, protection, and cybersecurity basics relevant to country office operations.   
  • Program Lifecycle Pathway: Explore how digital technologies can enhance programmatic work across different stages of the program cycle. Participants will learn:  
    • Introduction to complex problem-solving and data protection fundamentals.   
    • Overview of ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) and technology for MEAL.  
    • Insights into emerging technologies, data collection methodologies, and ethical considerations in technology utilization.  

These pathways will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive digital transformation within their organizations and effectively leverage technology to achieve your goals.  

We invite you and your team to register for this course. By participating in the Localization of Digital Transformation course, you not only equip your organization with essential digital skills but also contribute to a larger movement towards sustainable development.  

Now is the time to act! Be at the forefront of driving positive change in your community.

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