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Starlink in Disaster and Humanitarian Response

Unlock the power of Starlink in Crisis Situations through Kaya Connect on the NetHope Portal 

Embark on a transformative learning journey with the Starlink in Disaster and Humanitarian Response course available to the public on Kaya Connect via the NetHope portal, made possible by Microsoft’s generous support. This complimentary 2.5-hour self-paced course serves as a comprehensive guide to leveraging Starlink technologies for unparalleled impact in humanitarian and development contexts. 

Upon completing this course, you will gain the expertise to: 

  • Recognize the pivotal features and advantages of integrating Starlink technologies into humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. 
  • Navigate through various Starlink service options to determine the optimal fit for organizational requirements. 
  • Master the art of conducting meticulous site surveys, facilitated by the intuitive Starlink app. 
  • Acquire proficiency in seamlessly setting up a Starlink terminal from inception to completion. 
  • Skillfully troubleshoot common issues encountered with Starlink systems. 
  • Scrutinize data usage policies, regulatory frameworks, and network security aspects associated with Starlink deployment. 
  • Evaluate critical factors guiding NGOs in their decision-making process regarding the adoption of Starlink equipment and services. 
  • Explore future advancements in Starlink and satellite-based internet services, illuminating potential avenues for innovation and growth. 

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