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The Collective Action Framework

We believe that collective action with youth at the center is key to achieving positive and enduring change.

Photo credit: C. Robbins, Mercy Corps

Drawing on several decades of experience in education and youth development, and emergency response, and hundreds of partnerships – NetHope, Mercy Corps and War Child Holland are proud to launch the Collective Action Framework, a resource aimed at strengthening collective action in support of youth on-the-move.

The Collective Action Framework (CAF) promotes an inclusive and collaborative approach that truly puts youth at the center of action, fosters connection and collaboration, and addresses systemic challenges in a holistic and sustainable way.

The CAF is designed to be a practical resource to guide coalitions in how to effectively:

  1. Bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to co-create solutions and programs.
  2. Engage in meaningful partnership with youth, local communities, and other partner organizations.
  3. Innovate responsibly with technology.

Coalitions can leverage the CAF to:

  • Maximize their impact through structured, coordinated, and sustainable collaboration.
  • Make their interventions and programs more inclusive of all relevant stakeholders, perspectives, and approaches.
  • Meaningfully engage and partner with youth.
  • Foster a culture of respectful accountability that measures performance, celebrates successes, promotes learning, and critically assesses opportunities for improvement.

The CAF includes:

  • Example mapping of the key stakeholders.
  • Example principles for guiding collective action.
  • Process for operationalizing collective action across the whole lifecycle of the project.

The CAF is intended to be adapted and contextualized to fit within an organization’s existing Project Cycle Management (PCM) structure. It is modular, so coalitions can use components of the framework to augment, complement, and enhance their existing programs and processes. We hope that everyone is able to find something valuable in the framework to adopt in their work and enhance their impact, therefore benefiting youth on-the-move.

The Collective Action Framework was informed by a global network of stakeholders representing 40 international and local organizations through a series of consultations and influenced by a host of diverse voices and experiences – including those of young people affected.

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