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The NetHope Global Humanitarian ISAC

The NetHope Global Humanitarian ISAC drives efficiency, reach, and digital impact for cybersecurity in nonprofits. Acting together, in one platform, we are a force multiplier for cybersecurity and digital protection in global humanitarian and conservation nonprofits so they can better protect those that they serve.

READ THE PRESS RELEASE announcing The NetHope Global Humanitarian ISAC on September 8, 2022.


The global population has made digital a fundamental and ubiquitous way of life, even for internally displaced people, refugees, and other marginalized demographics. The nonprofit sector is interacting with, creating, and nurturing more digital citizens, giving underserved communities greater opportunities for learning, employment, and governance through online services for the good of all.


Without appropriate digital protection and cybersecurity for these people, positive social impact programs can result in dramatic unintended harm.

From Ukraine to Myanmar, digital conflict has become a feature of the humanitarian response ecosystem. As with physical safety risks, the costs of getting it wrong are life-threatening and can include compromised safety of refugees, lifesaving supplies hindered by ransomware attacks, and crippled systems impacting weather reports for farmers.

The growing sophistication of the attacks is outstripping the defense capabilities and resources of even the largest global nonprofits. Many nonprofits are responding to an increasing number of humanitarian and conservation emergencies worldwide but they are kept from scaling up their impact with the help of technology due to information security resource constraints.


The NetHope Global Humanitarian ISAC (Information Sharing And Analysis Center) will be the central platform that enables governments, funders, technology companies and other trusted providers to support the spectrum of information security needs of nonprofit agencies and the world’s most vulnerable communities. It is a fundamental step forward to confidently advance the nonprofit sector on the journey to digital resilience.

The ISAC design is optimized to meet the maturity state of each nonprofit’s primary focus area and it factors in geopolitics, digital ethics, and disinformation risks. This last is crucial as nonprofits work in the world's most complex situations and must contend with conflict, volatile politics and legal frameworks, and fast-shifting on-the-ground realities as they work to save people and planet.

To best enable these nonprofits, the NetHope Global Humanitarian ISAC creates a trustworthy, predictable, and cohesive mechanism for:

  • Surfacing threats, cyber risks, and their remediations that are context specific;
  • Training, capacity building, and advising nonprofit staff on cybersecurity and digital threat response;
  • Providing tools and technology to digest threat insights and respond appropriately.

This single, unifying ISAC for global humanitarian and conservation nonprofits will act as a force multiplier that brings contextually sensitive cybersecurity expertise into one platform to drive efficiency, reach, and digital impact to those the nonprofits serve.


  • Digital thought leadership for NGO leaders
  • Increased digital protection skills for nonprofit staff
  • Surge capacity to respond to emergencies


  • Bilateral funding mechanisms
  • Aligned tech community philanthropy
  • Research to pinpoint common NGO risks and identify short-term funding opportunities


  • Unified digital protection standards and policies
  • Interoperability of standards
  • Threat detection and information sharing


  • Accessible and affordable digital protection technologies
  • Technologies designed and deployed with embedded digital protection by default
  • Negotiated pricing for shared resources


NetHope is the leading nonprofit providing cybersecurity and collaboration for the nonprofit sector. Through its over 65 Member organizations of international NGOs, and its coalition of over 40 global technology corporation partners, NetHope provides a unique platform for its humanitarian and conservation NGOs to magnify their impact through the power of digital. Acting as a strategic incident coordinator for Members, NetHope is trusted as an impartial ally by NGOs, technology companies, funders, and donors alike and is leading a campaign to fund and build world-class digital protection and cybersecurity for the critical work of the humanitarian and conservation community.


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