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The international nonprofit community must transform how we deliver aid to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Effective use of technology can help close the gap between available aid and global needs, but technology alone is not enough. Organizations must evolve and change to embrace digital transformation.

Although the ingredients for success remain the same, their sequence is different. Traditional non-profits start with existing processes, automated by Technology, used by People. Digital non-profits start with People, changing the way they work through redesigned Processes, made possible by Technology.

Assessing Digital Readiness is an effective first step for a nonprofit to create a digital strategy.

A good digital strategy is inspired by powerful, readily accessible technologies, and delivers unique, integrated business capabilities in ways that are responsive to constantly changing market conditions. The assessments collected here provide organizations unique insights on their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for greater impact and can be used as a springboard to launch your organization's digital transformation.

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