Fredrik Winsnes is the Director for The Center for the Digital Nonprofit with NetHope. He previously was Senior Director in charge of NetHope’s Solutions Center. 

Prior to joining NetHope, Winsnes spent a year with CARE International exploring the use of mobile + cloud computing technologies in Kenya and Mozambique.

Winsnes spent over 16 years with Microsoft in various management roles ranging from pre-sales activities through solutions and product development. 

Prior to joining Microsoft, Winsnes enjoyed more than ten years of experience with Fortune 500 companies in management and technological capacities with emphasis on emerging technologies, corporate IT strategy, and end-user services.

Winsnes has seen the information technology industry from many perspectives, beginning his career in the software industry with Execucom in Austin, Texas. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1992, he worked with Leaf Inc. (now a division of Hershey Foods Corp.), AC Nielsen, and Square D Co., where he was the lead information systems architect, identifying and solving business problems by utilizing various emerging technologies.