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Digital Development Guidebook

Navigating the new frontier of digital development.

In an era where digital development organizations are pivoting from a technology-centric to a more holistic, people-focused approach, the importance of integrating local context, sustainability, and the rights of program participants has never been greater. It necessitates a deep, fundamental change in organizational culture, delivery models, and the relationship with technology.

In response to this evolving landscape, we are excited to introduce the Digital Development Guidebook. More than just a manual, this guidebook aims to provide guidance on new themes and challenges in leveraging digital technology for humanitarian and development programming.

Digital Development Guidebook
download the guidebook (pdf)

What you can find inside the Guidebook:

  1. Shared Landmarks: Discover key concepts and approaches that will guide you in your digital development journey.
  2. Lessons Learned: Benefit from valuable insights and experiences drawn from the field, providing a rich perspective on effective technology leverage.
  3. Actionable Frameworks: Access practical tools and strategies, custom-tailored to meet the unique challenges of digital advancement in humanitarian and development contexts.

Join the Movement

While each organization charts its own path, shared knowledge and experiences enrich us all. The Digital Development Guidebook is your invitation to join a vibrant community of thought leaders and innovators, all dedicated to shaping the future of humanitarian and development work. Download the Digital Development Guidebook and be part of a transformative journey in digital humanitarianism.

The discussions within the NetHope ICT4D Working Group which was established in 2022, have highlighted a shift in focus from advocating for technology integration to reimagining our collective value in terms of local leadership, open solutions, and digital skills and rights. This presents a more complex landscape than simply building internal technology capacity. While we have gained many insights, there is still a lack of clear direction on how to navigate towards our shared vision.

The creation of this Digital Development Guidebook stems from the need for collective guidance on emerging themes and challenges in utilizing digital technology for humanitarian and development purposes.

We're proud of this product created in collaboration with the following contributing organizations: Oxfam, Helvetas USA, Mercy Corps, Christian Aid, SOS Children's Villages, International Rescue Committee, Exchange Design, Catholic Relief Services.

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