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NetHope is pleased to offer the following video library covering a set of common cyber security scenarios. Our partner Awarego has made these videos available to all nonprofits free of charge.

You are welcome to reference the videos best suited to your purpose: Feel free to use the Vimeo links below for internal security education campaigns. We welcome incorporating these videos in nonprofits' Learning Management Systems (LMS) as appropriate. Awarego also offers, at no charge, a simplified LMS solution specifically suited to these education materials. For more information on this LMS offer please contact Arni Thor Arnason.

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Clean Desk

Sadly the person leaking confidential information often doesn‘t realize he‘s the source of the leak. Vimeo link


Every day 8 million people open a fraudulent phishing email, don‘t add to that number. Vimeo Link


You can infect your computer with ransomware by various means, like opening an attachment or updating your computer from an untrustworthy source and it can be very expensive to recover your files. Vimeo link


To create a strong password it‘s best to use a combination of lowercase, uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. Vimeo link


Don‘t just click on anything that pops up. Vimeo link

Removable Media

You step away, you lose your keys, now someone else has your work. Vimeo link

Password Handling

So many people take the convenient path of writing down their passwords and hiding them by their desks, that’s very convenient, especially for me. Vimeo link


A website starting with HTTPS is encrypted and much safer. Vimeo link

Think Twice

This Bob doesn‘t like it when he receives your “funny“ emails. Vimeo link

Free WiFi

Now I can buy whatever I want, using your money. Vimeo link


Dispose properly of your documents. Vimeo link

Malicious Attachments

All mail is not necessarily good mail. Vimeo link


Now the perpetrator can see everything you do on your computer, work related and personal. Vimeo link

Spear Phishing

Knowing about people's interests and hobbies, knowing about these interests is valuable and that's how they get you. Vimeo link

Handling confidential Materials

Your personal email and online storage is often not a safe as your work email. Vimeo link

Shoulder Surfing

Check your surroundings while typing in your password. Vimeo link

USB Key Drop

A hidden program on an unknown USB drive might execute giving a hacker complete control. Vimeo link

Home WiFi

Make sure your home WiFi is secure. Vimeo link

Computer Software Installs

Let's keep our work computers clean. Vimeo link

Social Engineering Friendship

The risk of sharing confidential information. Vimeo link

Chain Mail

Chances are that chain mail is not relevant information and you just wasted everyone's time. Vimeo link

Dumpster Diving

Some people make money rummaging through your trash. Vimeo link

CEO scam

Always double check unusual requests from your boss, especially regarding financial transfers. Vimeo link

Key Logger

Check your computer ports regularly for unknown devices. Vimeo link

Telephone Scams

Learn more about telephone scams. Vimeo link

Data Leaks - Privacy

A data leak is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment. Vimeo link

Phone Locking

Documents, memos, emails and contacts can be stolen if you leave your phone unlocked. It is important to guard the information. Always keep your phone locked when you're not using it. Vimeo link

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