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May 16, 2023 11:00am
U.S. Eastern Time


May 16, 2023 12:00pm
U.S. Eastern Time

Pharmaceutical Information Management System (PIMS): Last Mile Made Easy

Learn how International Medical Corps developed and deployed innovative software to manage the last mile of the supply chain and provide a higher level of patient care, greater impact, and enhanced program delivery.

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Our PIMS innovation team is currently in Africa!

We invite you and your country mission teams to come and see PIMS in action, up close and personal. We will be in the following countries:

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: May 15 – May 22
  • Mogadishu, Somalia: May 23 – May 24
  • Juba, South Sudan:  May 29 – June 2
  • Nairobi, Kenya: June 5 – June 9
  • Bangui, Central African Republic: June 13 – June 15

Interested? Contact Paul Nguyen -

About this webinar:
Access to essential medicines and commodities is central to providing quality healthcare in remote and low resource settings both in development and emergency response settings. To enable access to essential medicines and commodities, it is critical to have standardized and adaptable systems that efficiently capture data at each level of the supply chain and effectively translate the data into actionable information that can mitigate stockout or overstock situations, monitor expirations and enhance the management of crucial resources without overburdening teams at the last mile with exhaustive data entry interfaces.

International Medical Corps designed, developed, and deployed the PIMS software to manage the last mile of the supply chain. This tool is a customizable, flexible, and fully integrated stock and inventory management automation system that can help organizations maximize operational efficiency, better manage operational costs, and provide a higher level of patient care.

This webinar will explore how PIMS can help users effectively manage the last mile of supply chain by:

  • Raising timely proactive alerts regarding stock levels, identifying the possibility of stockouts in real-time and enabling the redistribution of stock based on automated forecasts;
  • Keeping records of all beneficiaries so when a repeat beneficiary presents to a supported pharmacy, the pharmacist can not only perform quick refills but also pull and review the medication history to aid counseling;
  • Providing decision support by alerting pharmacists and other users to drug allergies and drug-to-drug interactions;
  • Reducing the labor demand for data collection and distribution of pharmaceuticals and commodities throughout the last mile;
  • Overcoming limited connectivity due to poor network infrastructure or remote operational contexts by offering robust offline capabilities—automatically transferring data during periods of connectivity; and more.

Taking the daily challenges of healthcare providers into consideration, PIMS helps frontline health workers spend less time doing paperwork and more time attending to patient needs while maintaining healthy inventory levels in the most challenging environments.


Mohammed Zurga, MD, MPH

Director, Global Pharmaceutical Services Unit
International Medical Corps

Yazeed Ayasra, M.D., Ms. HIT

Director, Health Systems Applications
International Medical Corps

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Mohammed Zurga is a senior global public health and supply chain leader with experience in the areas of essential medicines and health commodity management systems. As Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Services Unit at International Medical Corps, Dr. Zurga leads a variety of technical initiatives to strengthen pharmaceutical services across the board. He serves as the principal technical advisor for the development and global deployment of the Pharmaceutical Information Management System©.

Yazeed Ayasra, M.D., Ms. HIT, Director, Health Systems Applications, International Medical CorpsDr. Yazeed Ayasra is a Health Informatics Specialist, full stack developer and a licensed medical doctor. He plays the role as the head architect for International Medical Corps health informatics tools, systems and applications. He is the head developer and system analyst for PIMS and a proven performer in software/database architecture development and design within the healthcare sector.

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