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May 16, 2023 11:00am
U.S. Eastern Time


May 16, 2023 12:00pm
U.S. Eastern Time

Member Webinar: Pharmaceutical Information Management System (PIMS): Last Mile Made Easy

Learn how International Medical Corps developed and deployed innovative software to manage the last mile of the supply chain and provide a higher level of patient care, greater impact, and enhanced program delivery.

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Mohammed Zurga, MD, MPH

Director, Global Pharmaceutical Services Unit
International Medical Corps

Yazeed Ayasra, M.D., Ms. HIT

Director, Health Systems Applications
International Medical Corps

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Mohammed Zurga is a senior global public health and supply chain leader with experience in the areas of essential medicines and health commodity management systems. As Director of the Global Pharmaceutical Services Unit at International Medical Corps, Dr. Zurga leads a variety of technical initiatives to strengthen pharmaceutical services across the board. He serves as the principal technical advisor for the development and global deployment of the Pharmaceutical Information Management System©.

Yazeed Ayasra, M.D., Ms. HIT, Director, Health Systems Applications, International Medical CorpsDr. Yazeed Ayasra is a Health Informatics Specialist, full stack developer and a licensed medical doctor. He plays the role as the head architect for International Medical Corps health informatics tools, systems and applications. He is the head developer and system analyst for PIMS and a proven performer in software/database architecture development and design within the healthcare sector.

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