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July 19, 2023 11:00am
U.S. Eastern Time


July 19, 2023 12:15pm
U.S. Eastern Time

Strategic Conversations Series: AI Ethics Today

View the recording of our discussion about walking the line between fear and hype in generative AI and its good use in the nonprofit sector.

Generative AI is at peak hype. NetHope has published a quick scan of the possible uses of this revolution in the power of digital to bring more impact to our work in the sector. But we know technology is not neutral. So, what should we be thinking about now as we start engaging with generative AI based tools? What are the immediate risks of utilizing AI, and should we be concerned about the longer-term implications on society and the world? Hear from our expert panel on how to use the transformative power of AI ethically and for the greater good.


In this session, we heard from our panel of experts on what nonprofits need to think about if they want to harness the immense potential of AI whilst making sure they do so in an ethical, equitable, and safe way. We also touched upon the potential wider societal impact of AI use that needs to be addressed.

Prepare to engage in this Strategic Conversation by reviewing these resources:


Daniela Weber

Deputy Director, NetHope Center for the Digital Nonprofit

Natalia Schmidt

Director, Digital Advisory
Data & AI

Dr Nicolas Jaccard

Principal Architect
Orbis International

Sarah Spencer 

Independent consultant and researcher, AI Ethics,
Policy, and AI

Study up before the webinar

Download NetHope's Guide to Usefulness of Existing AI Solutions in Nonprofit Organizations. To support nonprofits in navigating the risks of AI use, NetHope has published many other resources on AI, including the AI Suitability Toolkit for nonprofit organizations, and the AI ethics for nonprofit organizations toolkit.

The Guide to Usefulness of Existing AI Solutions in Nonprofit Organizations
direct download pdf

Speaker Bios

Natalia Schmidt, Director Digital Advisory Data & AI at Avanade
I am passionate about data, analytics, and AI and I bring experience in growing and leading organizations with a focus on Data & AI. With a decade of experience in the consulting industry and an additional three years in the consumer goods industry, my primary focus has been on leading and executing advanced analytics and predictive modelling projects, utilizing methodologies such as Machine Learning and other cutting-edge techniques. Throughout my professional journey, I have transitioned from hands-on data science work to addressing strategic areas such as Responsible AI and AI Mindset, recognizing their pivotal role in achieving successful AI adoption. Due to the broad availability of Generative AI, I believe it brings both new challenges but also new opportunities. I am happy to discuss, how to pragmatically approach the challenges to ensure safe and ethical innovation with AI.

Dr Nicolas Jaccard, Principal Architect, Orbis International
Dr Nicolas Jaccard is the principal architect at Orbis International, a global NGO fighting avoidable blindness. Throughout his career working in academia, tech startups, and the non-profit sector, Nicolas has developed end-to-end expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, from algorithm development to productization. As an “AI for Good” enthusiast and practitioner, Nicolas has worked across the biotechnology, security, road safety, and healthcare sectors.

Sarah Spencer, AI Ethics and Tech, Aid, and Public Policy
Sarah Spenceris a seasoned expert in foreign policy, conflict, and technology. She is currently on sabbatical from the UK Government and working as an independent consultant and researcher, helping clients navigate the complexities of AI and AI uptake. Sarah has worked for UK Government for over a decade in a number of roles and across multiple contexts, from South Asia to the Middle East and Africa. Before joining Government, Sarah served as a first responder for UN agencies and humanitarian relief organisations, designing and delivering life-saving interventions in dozens of complex emergencies around the world, including Syria, Haiti, DR Congo, and Iraq. She joins us from Nairobi.

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