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NetHope was created by and for our incredible nonprofit Members

NetHope was created by and for our incredible nonprofit Members. Much of what we do is bringing our Members together to collaborate, share their experiences and discover new solutions to common challenges. Our community has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience, and we provide a platform for them to share with, and learn from, each other. Our Members come together through NetHope Chapter Meetings, Working Groups, Webinars and our annual Global Summit. We join together with the ultimate goal of discovering innovative ways to help more people, more effectively.


Empower our Members, and the nonprofit sector to develop and deploy innovative solutions throughout the humanitarian, conservation, and development sectors using new and existing technologies.


Technology matters; benefiting all benefits one; learning through collaboration; build for the field; bias for action; and trust above all else.


Technology is an enabler and an accelerator of development, humanitarian, and conservation impact. Collaboration around technology leads to better results. NetHope builds bridges and partnerships to achieve these results.


NetHope, a consortium of 60+ leading global INGOs responsible for delivering 60% of all international non-governmental aid and collectively serving 1.6 billion people across 190 countries, unites with technology companies and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges. Together, the NetHope community strives to transform the world, building a platform of hope for those who receive aid and those who deliver it.

NetHope provides relief and resources to the vulnerable.

NetHope has responded to emergencies around the world, including natural disasters, mass human migration, and myriad refugee crises. A NetHope response can include connectivity in refugee camps and along migration routes; managed laptops to aid refugee resettlement; and through crisis informatics and data visualization to equip aid agencies in emergency response. Please see our program pages for more detail on our work. 

Chapters, Working Groups and Networks

We organize our efforts through NetHope Regional Chapters, and NetHope Working Groups. NetHope staff curate, facilitate, and drive program incubators requested by NetHope Regional Chapters (e.g., Africa Chapter, Europe Chapter, MENA Chapter, etc.), and problem-focused Working Groups. We organize and convene our Members around topics of their choosing. Then, develop approaches and solutions to those problems with our network of subject matter experts, and partners. We then invite collaborators from the private sector upon the request of those Working Groups to develop projects and programs to use technology to solve real-world problems that face NetHope Members. These technology solutions are often innovative, but sometimes focus on simple technology solutions to needs that are not otherwise funded.

Programs and Projects

The efforts of NetHope’s problem-focused Working Groups sometimes evolve into NetHope Programs with longer term sources of funding. Currently the best example of this is NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit. Working groups also engage in projects that can ultimately change how the entire sector operates on the ground, a great example of this is the Frontline Humanitarian Logistics Initiative. From education, health, emergency response, and refugee assistance, NetHope projects are the on-the-ground reflection of how our Members and partners work collaboratively to address the needs of the vulnerable and the underserved – sharing what works and what doesn’t so that everyone benefits.


Webinars enable corporate partners to share their field-tested solutions; NetHope Members to share case studies and best practices; and subject matter experts to present on solution-related topics. Sign up for our mailing list, and don't miss out on upcoming NetHope webinars.

NetHope Global Summit

Each year, NetHope Members convene, along with corporate partners and supporters, for a Global Summit to address how to better use technology to make collective and impactful progress against the world’s most pressing challenges. The Global Summit also provides sponsors an enthusiastic audience for products and services, and offer nonprofit sector professionals a unique opportunity to engage with some of the foremost technology leaders in the world today. Learn more about our upcoming 2024 NetHope Global Summit.

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