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2023: A Year of Unleashing the ‘NetHope Effect’

Together we can do things that no one of us can do alone.

December 19, 2023

By Lance Pierce, NetHope CEO

2023 has been a momentous year in the world and for the whole NetHope community. This past year we have seen new wars in East Africa and the Middle East on top of the ongoing one in Ukraine, the publicly visible beginnings of the next technological revolution (likely for better and for worse) in generative AI, and the shattering of climate records around the world, setting average global highs that according to science, we have not seen in the last 125,000 years. 

It can be very hard, some days, to find sources of optimism. As with so many things, despite our many shared problems, we can often find ways past them when we work together. From day one, that has been the great strength of the NetHope community around the world. Digital leaders, advocates for people in vulnerable contexts, and actors from countries and places around the world came together more than two decades ago to found this community, dedicated to the use of digital and information technologies to find shared ways of working together on common humanitarian, development, and conservation goals. 

NetHope Member organizations serve more than 1.6 billion people around the world. NetHope partner companies are the leading providers of digital tools, products, and services to most of those people, and many, many more. Together we are the largest civil society platform in the world devoted to the use of digital and information technology for social and environmental good. We know from our beginnings in the early days of the internet, that technology created to serve the needs of people and communities in ways that empower them, is vastly more important than deploying flashy software that isn’t grounded in real, human need. As we implement our new 2030 Strategic Plan starting next year, devoted to serving the increasing digital leadership and mission technology needs of Member organizations, their implementing partners in our Regional Chapters around the world, in the name of the local people and places for whom they work, we will seek to place those real world, localized needs first. 

2024 will no doubt be a year when new issues and challenges will continue to emerge in front of us. As always, you can count on NetHope to remain a place where solutions and answers are workshopped with equity, inclusion, and digital protection at the forefront, where responsibility and ethics go hand in hand with technological innovation, where digital skills and leadership in using them are foundational to the future we want to create together, and all of that in a world where climate is the ultimate intersectional issue, and where we will continue to work together to use the enormous powers of our technology to support a livable and sustainable future. 

Join with us, act with us, accelerate with us, because together we can do things that no one of us can do alone. We look forward to seeing you in the community, around the world, in the coming year.

Thank you for your commitment and support of our shared mission!

In peace, Lance

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