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Climate Intersections Program

NetHope’s Climate Intersections Program seeks to reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable people by utilizing digital technologies.

There is no question that climate change is producing a lasting humanitarian crisis. It creates both new risks to human development and catastrophic amplification of emergencies. The magnitude and urgency of the climate crisis compels everyone to act to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate. At NetHope, we have decided to focus on digital solutions for adaptation and resilience. Our research identified that it is the gap that our Members need bridging – particularly with technology and finance. We can achieve this through the experience and expertise of our communities of Members and technology partners. With the disastrous potential to erase a large part of a century of humanitarian progress, climate change has become a top priority for our NetHope humanitarian and conservation Members’. There is still time to counteract the worst consequences of climate change if we work together.

The Climate Intersections Program

NetHope launched its first climate program, with the generous support of Cisco. Our mission is to leverage the reach of the NetHope community via digital, data and partnerships to help more people thrive in the face of climate change. NetHope humanitarian and conservation NGO Members and their ecosystems, thematic programs, local and marginalized communities and NetHope tech partners are the core of Climate Intersections program. We believe that collective action is the way to fight this climate crisis. Sharing resources and finding digital solutions together is not something new for NetHope Members.

The Climate Intersections program:

Enables NetHope Humanitarian and Conservation Members to:

  • Collaborate in a working group where tech in Members’ climate programs is the focus.
  • Convene and discover novel digital pathways for climate adaptation and resilience.
  • Share joint challenges, identify the gaps, and find solutions.

Fosters collaboration with NetHope partners to find digital solutions by:

  • Collective design of solutions for anticipatory action, education, and localization.
  • Identifying and unlocking new sources of support for our Members, including cash grants in support of their collective action projects.
  • Promoting the program broadly to engage a larger community of actors. As part of the program, the Climate Intersections Working Group convenes NetHope Members to share resources and find solutions for collective action.

For more information on the Climate Intersections program and the Climate Intersections Working Group, contact NetHope and refer to "Climate Intersections".

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