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Day 3: Breakouts & Two New Members

Thursday was a whirlwind of activity! First, let us extend a warm welcome to our newest NetHope members AmeriCares and […]

October 12, 2012

Thursday was a whirlwind of activity! First, let us extend a warm welcome to our newest NetHope members AmeriCares and Trocaire! 

Let’s catch you up on everything else that happened.

Like last year’s Summit, Thursday was dedicated to breakout sessions; this year we featured three rounds!

Breakout Round One

  • Connectivity and Infrastructure – Independent Testing with David Strom: David Strom led a discussion of the potential for shared independent network testing infrastructures. David has been a leader in helping us understand how to  use, create, test and deploy a variety of network applications and services. He has worked extensively in the Information Technology/end-user computing industry and has managed editorial operations for trade publications in the network computing, electronics components, computer enthusiast, reseller channel and security markets.
  • Global Service Desk Operations – Case Study: Catholic Relief Services & Anudip-iMerit Foundation: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has engaged Anudip-iMerit, a social enterprise that recently won the NASSCOM Social Innovation Award, to support its Global Service Desk. The Global Service Desk assists CRS staff, and increasingly partners, in making effective use of CRS enterprise-wide and field systems in nearly 100 countries around the world.
  • Shape the Future : Microsoft’s Shape the Future program has provided first-time digital access to millions of students around the world over the last three years through large-scale national PC deals with governments, frequently linked to new government policies for ICTs in education.


Breakout Round Two

  • Cloud Topic: Cloud Services Portal – User Overview: There’s clear evidence that the use of Cloud Computing and Cloud Services is accelerating among NetHope members. Such adoption is, however, uneven across the membership. This seems an excellent opportunity, in good old NetHope tradition, to get together to mutually benefit from lessons learned. In this session, we explored what solutions are currently in use, where members see opportunities and trends towards using more cloud based solutions and identified where NetHope members can benefit from collaboration.
  • Payment Innovations: Better than Cash: The Payment Innovations group at NetHope has spent the last year working on a variety of initiatives and tools that seek to empower people by increasing access to financial services catalyzed by a transition away from cash. This session will discuss the various costs of cash and the potential benefits of electronic payment solutions.

Breakout Round Three

  • Connectivity and Infrastructure Cisco Equipment Program & IPA Logistics This session discussed tweaking the existing Cisco Equipment Program and IPA-driven logistics to better serve members’ needs.
  • The Question of Scale: How can NetHope help donors get the most from their grants dollars? What is the key to NGO collaboration for joint scaling?

The day concluded with a roundtable where Summit participants shared insights on their Summit experiences and what they hope to take forward after we leave Redmond.  Member representatives stuck around for the Annual Member Meeting while the rest of the group headed back to the hotel.

For those not staying for the working groups Friday, Thursday was the last day of the 2012 NetHope Global Member Summit! Thank you for your participation and contributions that made this Summit incredible!! We are already looking forward to next year, especially since as Ed Happ highlighted that shift happens.


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