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Looking Forward to NetHope Global Summit 2015

It’s truly a joy to be visiting Europe again – Copenhagen is a fantastic city!

November 1, 2015

By Lauren Woodman, CEO

Since joining NetHope as Chief Executive Officer last year, it’s been a real joy to experience our NetHope Global Summits. From the excitement of meeting face-to-face with our collaborators to the energy that comes from exploring a new global locale, the NetHope Summit is one of the highlights of my year. Wondering what to expect in 2015? Read on!

The NetHope Strategic Plan

This year, our brand new NetHope Strategic Plan is front and center and will be guiding many of our discussions around technology for development and how exactly the NetHope community fits into the picture. Over the course of my time here so far, the entire NetHope team – from staff to members to sponsors and more – have asked the question: How can we build upon our strength as an organization? What comes next for us? We know that working in collaboration, there’s no limit to what the technology sector and international NGOs can accomplish together. Thus, our goals are as follows:

  • NetHope will enable its members to build internal capacity to identify, evaluate and implement technology-driven change opportunities.
  • NetHope will invest in evaluation – rapidly identifying, testing and disseminating promising solutions.
  • NetHope will advocate for more strategic and more impactful use of technology for its members and its missions.
  • NetHope will convene regularly with NGOs and tech industry leaders to explore potential barriers to the realization of these goals to help the underserved.

These are more will be at the core of our Summit this year and we have a seriously strong lineup of keynote speakers, breakout sessions and workshops to uphold these goals. It will be an incredible time of learning and growth for us all!

Welcoming New Members and Partners

We are thrilled to welcome the addition of a new nonprofit member, and a multitude of added attendees and corporate partners to the NetHope family. This will be an exciting opportunity for each of us attending the Summit to invest in new relationships and welcome new collaborators. We’ll be showing them the ropes, exploring how we might partner to solve their operational challenges and helping to more deeply integrate our membership through our Member to Member sessions.

It’s truly a joy to be visiting Europe again – Copenhagen is a fantastic city! Now, as we all anticipate our trip I hope everyone will come ready to engage, share, collaborate, learn and challenge both their colleagues and NetHope to do more.

See you soon.

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