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Meet NetHope Academy Interns: Kenya 2012

Last month I had the privilege of supporting the NetHope Academy Boot Camp in Kenya.

July 23, 2012

Last month I had the privilege of supporting the NetHope Academy Boot Camp in Kenya.  Clearly the most memorable aspect of the two weeks was getting to know the interns themselves and seeing them embrace the Program.  I asked a few of them to write up a blurb about themselves and what their plans are.  Here are some highlights of a really great class.
Krista Tracy
NetHope Academy Volunteer

Margret Kareithi

I’m Margret Kareithi from Nairobi, Kenya.  I’ll graduate this December from Maseno University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.  A friend who knows I am passionate about IT told me about the program.  I liked how NetHope brings together all of the NGOs, and how they use technology to help people.  For me, technology is not just about computers, but how you can use technology to help people.  I also identified with the work NetHope did in Haiti and how they help youth build practical technology skills.  So far, I love the program.  It’s so practical, and I love the exposure to IT managers and local IT leaders through this program. I feel so blessed to be part of this program.  I know it will make a big change in my life.

Felix Kimaru

I’m Felix Kimaru from Eldoret, Kenya. I’ll graduate from Maseno University with a degree in Computer Science.  I currently work as an intern at Ashoka, where I became aware of the NetHope program.  It really bridges the gap between what is taught in school and what employers need.  It gives you hands-on skills and makes you competitive in the market, all in a very short time.  It also appealed to me because of the opportunity to work with an NGO and have an impact on a large number of people.  I’m really looking forward to the training curriculum—it’s well thought out and well rounded, providing the soft skills most students don’t get.  I have been the social media manager for Ashoka, and I’m helping set up social media for our class – Facebook, Twitter, and blogging .  It’s the best way for people to communicate, build community, and keep the conversation going.  I’m very much looking forward to the NetHope program.

Chrisphine Ochieng Otewa

I’m Chrisphine Ochieng Otewa from Nyanza Province, Kenya, and I attend Kenyatta University.  I heard about the program through the chairman of my department and was especially interested in the internships that NetHope offers.  Normally the internships in Kenya are just one-three months, so I’m really looking forward to gaining six months of experience with one organization.  I’m hoping to work with an NGO because of the impact they have on people’s lives.  A lot can be achieved if we embrace the full power of technology.   I am the Facebook administrator for our class.  I love connecting people together, and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas once we are away at our internships.  When I graduate and get more experience, I would love to run an IT department and be responsible for everything from application development to system administration.

John Makana

I’m John Makana from Nyanza Province, Kenya.  I’ll graduate in June from Jomo Kenyatta University with a degree in IT.  In school it’s just bookwork, bookwork, bookwork, but NetHope is giving me more practical, hands-on experience.  In just two weeks I feel I have improved and feel more comfortable with networking and troubleshooting.  I’m also looking forward to earning my Microsoft certifications – they will give me an upper hand when I graduate.  When I graduate, I’d like to be an entrepreneur and offer employment to others.  In my free time, I like to work on my garden.  Whether it’s in the garden or the classroom, I get a lot of satisfaction in planting something and seeing it grow.

Maryanne Metto

I’m Maryanne Metto from the Rift Valley, Kenya.  I’m currently pursuing a BSc. in Business Information Technology at Kenya Methodist University and will graduate this summer.  I found out about NetHope from my Cisco instructor at Nazarene University.  It has been a challenge getting an internship, so this opportunity has been a blessing to me.  I’m looking forward to working in an NGO and helping others help themselves just as NetHope Academy has extended the offer to me.  One of my guiding principles is, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows,” so  I’m looking forward to  getting more training and hands-on experience on Windows 7, networking, and interpersonal communication skills . I’d love to get a job in networking or programming that fully exhausts my potential after I graduate from university and NetHope Academy.

Scholar Maina

I’m Scholar Maina from Embakasi, Kenya.  I’m still in school, pursuing my degree in IT at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology at Inooreko University.  I saw the poster for NetHope at school, and thought it would be a good opportunity to grow.  I have enjoyed learning new things, especially Windows, and I feel confident now that I can provide good desktop support.  I think our internships will be different than other internships, because we are learning so many new things. All the trainers have been inspiring, and I look forward to learning something new every day, even life lessons.  For example, our trainer emphasized how it’s important to “build our pipeline with knowledge” before pursuing a high paying job.  I feel NetHope is the place to be.  Chances come along, but this one is unique.  I feel this is a great start to my dreams.

Liz Kerosi

I’m Liz Kerosi from Nakuru, Kenya.  I graduated from Kabarak University with 2nd  class honors in Business Management and Information Technology.  I found out about NetHope Academy from my Cisco Academy instructor.  When I followed up, I was really impressed by NetHope’s commitment to empower women in IT.  Nethope Academy is very important to me because I am very passionate about information technology, and getting such an opportunity is not easy for women. I have a background in networking, so it’s been great to learn about the Windows.  The Microsoft certifications plus the internship will really boost me professionally.  NetHope has been very committed at ensuring that we all succeed, and I know I can be successful, because once I set my mind to something, I get it done.  In my free time, I like to develop websites, especially learning new ideas and writing code.  When I graduate from the program, I would like to become a successful IT professional using the technical skills and soft skills I will be gaining both from class and at my internship.  I am truly grateful for Nethope Academy and would recommend it to anyone determined to succeed in IT.

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