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NetHope aids its 57 global nonprofit members in battle against COVID-19

COVID-19 both accelerates and validates the need for technology and collaboration to achieve collective impact, which is where NetHope plays a key role.

March 30, 2020

By Brent Carbno, Managing Director of Global Programs, NetHope

The international humanitarian system is facing its largest global challenge since WWII. COVID-19, the disease caused by a coronavirus, is spreading throughout every country in the world, universally disrupting our everyday lives personally and professionally. Physical separation limits the spread of the virus and is requiring millions of people to work from home or other remote locations. The virus is overwhelming the humanitarian system, impacting nonprofit staff themselves and those they serve through their programs.

COVID-19 both accelerates and validates the need for technology and collaboration to achieve collective impact, which is where NetHope plays a key role.

Graphic: CC-BY 2.0 Esther Kim and Carl T. Bergstrom, from World Economic Forum,

NetHope is well-positioned to provide part of the solution for its members’ challenges as they fight COVID-19 and strive to continue to deliver their programs. NetHope draws on nearly 20 years of experience providing its members—57 of the largest global nonprofits on the planet—with technology solutions developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading technology companies and enlightened funders.

This two decades of experience—putting technology in service to accelerate humanitarian response—positions NetHope as a key provider to implement emergency ICT solutions to assist relief workers and affected communities. In addition to deploying to earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis, NetHope has responded to complex, prolonged humanitarian crises such as the 2014 Ebola Crisis in West Africa, the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis, and the ongoing Venezuela migrant crisis.

Whether you are an individual, a tech company, or an institutional funder, you can help NetHope help its members in very tangible ways. Some of the most immediate needs for funding include:

Convening and managing task forces around:

  • Remote working tools. NetHope will identify the best tools and share them in simple, actionable ways among the membership to help restore effectiveness and efficiency in virtual operations.
  • Supply chain management. Coordinated and adaptive action can improve outcomes and smooth fluctuations in the flow of goods, as well as aggregate demand by geography. NetHope will draw upon its existing member network that convenes around convening existing NetHope working groups already addressing related issues, and will conduct a deep dive into common and priority challenges. 
  • Information sharing and management. NetHope has established a channel with the World Health Organization for channeling messages to the humanitarian sector through its members.

At a time when the entire humanitarian sector is rallying to fight the spread of COVID-19, NetHope is convening the best and brightest minds from the global nonprofit, technology, and philanthropic sectors to overcome the challenges of combatting coronavirus. NetHope is in constant dialogue with its members to identify and prioritize their needs and to match these needs with solutions that can be offered by or co-created with the tech sector and funded by the philanthropic sector.

I am daunted by the work ahead of us but inspired by the contributions NetHope can make to help its members work remotely, manage supply chains, and share and manage information so that they can continue delivering their programs and fight COVID-19.

Individuals can donate directly to NetHope’s work. Your donations benefit and expands the work of 57 of the world’s leading nonprofits. 

Tech companies and funding organizations are invaluable to NetHope’s work. If you can contribute money, services, or products, please contact us

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