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NetHope Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate all the wonderful ways your mother has impacted your life than to give a gift that improves someone else’s.

May 11, 2012

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate all the wonderful ways your mother has impacted your life than to give a gift that improves someone else’s.

With the NetHope Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we have arranged gifts from our 34 member organizations into four categories – business-savy, empowerment, eco-friendly and book-smarts – so you can choose to donate to something close to your mother’s heart. We listed the type of gift, member organization offering this option and approximate cost of the donation.

Happy Mother’s Day!

-- the NetHope team

For the business-savy

  • Business training for a microentrepreneur, ACCION ($50)    [Gift this]
  • Buy a scarf from Traidcraft and 10% will go towards helping the world's poorest people, ChristianAid ($15)   [Gift this]
  • 'Promise Basket’ filled with livestock needed to add protein to their diets and income to their lives, Heifer International ($85)   [Gift this]
  • Girl’s Media Internship, give her a voice through a media internship and allowing her to begin a career in journalism, Plan ($500)   [Gift this]
  • Give a hand up, not a hand out: provide a new Village Bank client with a first loan, FINCA ($50)   [Gift this]

For empowerment

  • Help children survive; In Africa alone, 1 in 8 children will die before their 5th birthday. Train 8 nurses to support healthy birthday for mothers & newborns, Care ($200)   [Gift this]
  • Sponsor a child!, Children International ($25)   [Gift this]
  • Offer a lifeline to highly vulnerable children, including foster care, trauma counseling, legal assistance and shelter renovations, Compassion International ($13)   [Gift this]
  • Make sure children have a safe place to live! A bathroom sink in Armenia, Habitat for Humanity ($50)   [Gift this]
  • Women’s Safety and Wellness Kits: give a women that has just arrived in a Dadaab camp with absolutely nothing critical supplies: clothing, sandals, a bucket, soap and other hygiene items; a flashlight and whistle so women can call for help if they are in danger, International Rescue Committee ($80)   [Gift this]
  • Reintegrate a child soldier: help renew his faith in the world and in himself, Mercy Corps ($58)   [Gift this]
  • Jam for Japan: partnership with Musicians Institute to work together to provide financial grants to pre-existing music programs in Japan affected by the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Relief International ($25)   [Gift this]
  • Add your tribute and be part of the virtual Global Opportunity Quilt, Opportunity International ($15)   [Gift this]

For the eco-friendly

  • Safeguard our ecosystem and species, Conservation International ($50)   [Gift this]
  • Help children escape rubbish dumps in Pakistan, Concern Worldwide ($20) [Gift this]
  • Adopt a Coral Reef as a Gift, plus a special gift pack including membership materials, magnet set, magazine subscription and more, The Nature Conservancy ($50)   [Gift this]
  • Tools to build a well to reach water far below the surface, Wateraid ($30)   [Gift this]

For the book-smart

  • Signed copy of ‘Rippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovaiton Throughout the World,’ Ashoka ($100)   [Gift this]
  • One-year Scholarship for a Girl in Ethiopia, ChildFund International ($143)   [Gift this]
  • Help restore a preschool, Oxfam ($35)   [Gift this]
  • Educate a young girl, Save the Children ($80)   [Gift this]
  • $600 worth of new toys: paired with donations from leading companies, your donation will go 12x further to provide fun-filled toys, World Vision International ($50)   [Gift this]

Donate to other NetHope member organizations

Let us know on Facebook or by commenting here who and how you will be honoring your mother this year!

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